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    Lyra Karant
    Lyra Karant

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    Post by Lyra Karant 14th July 2022, 1:25 pm

    Lyra Karant
    Twisted Light

    To say that Lyra Karant was concerned was an understatement.

    As she sat within her quarters in the Luminous Rose guild territories, the pink-haired girl contemplated the depths of the mystery that was being placed in front of her. This was not something she considered normal, by any means, but the fact of the matter was that this burning feeling that was so very akin to the feeling of her nerves being on fire had only started after her fateful trip to Nazo with Nita, and had only begun to worsen ever since then. That very dark, dank, unfeeling place where time and space fell topsy-turvy, had resulted in the two Roses engaging with an ancient, unknowable beast known as a Primordial. That twisted abomination with its infected blood had managed to slice open the four-winged angel,  where droplets of the beast's ichor had managed to intermingle with an open wound of her own. Ever since that moment, there was a strange corruption of her abilities that had followed, and the physical symptoms of such a moment were rather self-evident to follow. The searing feeling that crawled up and down Lyra's arms was something that had been growing for quite some time now, and with it her ability to interact with her magic had changed dramatically. No longer did things seem to be... compatible. The way she manipulated both flame and wind was no longer the same, as if the Primordial had found a way to overwrite the magic that the slayer lacrima had given to her. In fact, that was almost precisely what it seemed like, for the blessings of wind and flame had almost seemed to leave her entirely. If that was the case, then how in the world was Lyra going to be able to use magic any more? Those lacrimae were all she knew. She only inherently understood how to use them, and the attendant abilities of her equipment, in order to make her way through the world. After all, members of the Rose sought to know power for power's sake. She could certainly still manipulate the crystals in her items and the resultant energy that flowed, and that was a good starting point. She'd unleashed a powerful tidal wave of crystalline energy with Desi present, after all.

    Then, as if a light had switched on inside her mind, she paused. What if that was the end result?

    In her fingers, as she concentrated on the Primordial's dissent, Lyra warped the ethernano around her, and in her fingers was a clear prism. Somehow, within this, was the warmth of the light of magic, a crystal with perfect facets and pure clarity. This stone was simply... perfect. It was different to the crystals that she conjured with her energy, for it really did glow with actual light. That wasn't usually a property of the crystal magic she bore. What if the primordial had distorted her magic to something different? That in itself was something worth investigating, and preliminary findings showed that this was the case? The pink-haired mage was going to have to look into this more, potentially with the help of an expert in all things crystal.

    A small, tired smile crawled over her lips. The burning feeling hadn't left, but maybe it was worth the suffering.

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