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    Another Trifling Task


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    Another Trifling Task Empty Another Trifling Task

    Post by Medeia 11th July 2022, 5:41 am

    After her short trip to the Neutral Grounds, Medeia had decided to deal with another little errand that she had been putting off for quite some time. She had heard a great deal about how mortals needed something called a passport to travel from country to country and although the idea sounded rather foolish to her, the witch had decided that she would eventually go through the process herself, just to satisfy her curiosity and pass some time. Since the war was now in full force, the raven haired witch was somewhat surprised that these items were still being given out but humans were strange creatures and sometimes they just did not think as holy beings such as herself did. There were so many anomalies and contradictions whenever mankind was involved.

    Hargeon was the closest location to where she had received her new iLac and so the witch had travelled there, the trip taking no time at all with her wings. She could sense fear the closer she came to the town and it did indeed seem as though news of the war had reached the shores of Fiore. The dark mage pondered if she should transform into another woman in order to hide her identity but she shrugged off the idea after a moment of thought. It was not as if anyone could do anything about her being there, as her magical power was far superior to anyone that she could possibly meet in such a place. There were no magical signatures at all in the area from what she could tell.

    Soon enough, she would come across a large crowd of people, lined up and waiting impatiently to receive what she assumed would be their passports. There were a group of about a dozen people at the head of the queue, sitting behind large desks which were covered with paperwork. They looked rather overwhelmed by the situation and a frown crossed Medeia’s face as she watched the situation. She was not going to simply wait in line and as she flew down towards the frustrated mob, the powerful mage would utter a few words and turn them all into toads, their angry shouts turning to a chorus of croaks. It was quite the spectacle and as the flying woman travelled towards the head of the line and came to a stop before the baffled workers, a small smile crossed her features.

    “I would like a passport, please.” The purple eyed woman politely said, her gaze focused on the worker before her.

    “I...You…” The worker replied weakly, frightened to death by Medeia’s display.

    “Yes, yes, I dealt with the crowd, now give me what I desire.”

    The fool did not even try to argue with her and instantly went about his job, asking her what he needed to, before taking a picture of her and various other necessary procedures. It did not take all that long and soon enough, she had what she had come for. With that, she would take off and leave the scene, leaving the croaking crowd to cook in the baking sun.

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    Another Trifling Task Medeia123

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