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    Dark Guild: Black Lotus

    Caelestis Icarus Zephyr
    Caelestis Icarus Zephyr

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    Dark Guild: Black Lotus Empty Dark Guild: Black Lotus

    Post by Caelestis Icarus Zephyr 5th July 2022, 1:58 pm

    Dark Guild: Black Lotus Image0

    “We are the strength, the purity, and the change in this world of corruption. We exist to fight against that corruption, and to reset the world into a better place. We are honest in our intent, and loyal to our cause. We will stop at nothing to change this world.”

    Dark Guild: Black Lotus Image0

    “The corruption of this world… it must be erased.”

    Black Lotus is a guild that believes the world, and it's people, have become too corrupted. In their minds, the only way to change this is by resetting it entirely. In order to do this? They kill those they believe to be unworthy of living in this new world. Criminals, Cheats, Abusers, and those who cannot accept those who are different from them. All of these, they aim to erase from this world. Note: this does not apply to PCs without express permission from their players.

    “Nobody deserves to be hated just because they were born different.”

    They plan to “fix” the wrong that exists in this world through magic. Killing off those they’ve deemed unworthy, and their enemies. Destroying that which they’ve deemed unnecessary. Removing corrupt governments and replacing them with their own governance. Taking control of the world for the sake of the future they want to create.

    Each member of this guild is approved by their leader before they are allowed to act in any way. Anybody who acts in the name of the guild without the approval of the leader… Well, there's a reason why every member of the guild are trained as assassins upon their arrival. The moment one betrays the guild, all members will be ordered to kill on sight.

    Guild Policies

    Every member must follow these rules, lest they be deemed a traitor and silenced.

    You act in the interests of the guild, not yourself. You only kill when ordered. Killing an innocent, anybody deemed redeemable, will result in expulsion and/or an elite guard being sent after you to eliminate you.

    Fighting among members and injuring those you are not ordered to are strictly forbidden. This rule may not be broken under any circumstances, lest the leader themself decide they want to punish you. Playful arguing is allowed, but major disagreements will always be settled with help from a council of the most trusted members.

    Obedience is key. If the leader or an ace tells you to do something, you listen. Disrespect and disobedience to direct orders will be met with severe punishment.

    Guild Roster

    Everybody in the order serves a specific purpose. Among general ranks that wizards are classified by, each individual has their own assigned tasks, broken down into elite groups of 4 or 5 members. Positions are determined by the leader or aces, and may not be chosen by the member themself. A member may request a switch, but only the guild leadership may approve it. Each group wears a pin in the shape of their symbol.

    The guild symbol is a simple outline in the shape of a lotus flower, and the guild color is #8B00FF. While the member chooses the color of the guild mark, the very edges of the mark will have a faint outline of color based on the branch the member is in. Pink for Peonies, Green for Ivy Vines, Red for Asphodel, and Gold for Laurels and Acanthus.

    Queen/King Amaranth
    The leader of the guild. Amaranth symbolizes immortality, and many believe that the leader is in fact immortal. Nobody knows for certain, however.
    Current: Caelestis Icarus Zephyr

    Lord/Lady Cypress
    Cypress is a symbol of many things. Death, mourning, despair, sorrow. This ace acts as the hand of the current Queen or King, and is often in charge of important squadron missions and dispensing punishments to disobedient members.

    Lord/Lady Dahlia
    Depending on the color, Dahlia can symbolize elegance and dignity, or betrayal and dishonesty. This ace is usually in charge of all ceremonial aspects of the guild, and is usually given command over those with skills better suited to stealth, healing, or rebuilding any destruction that may occur. This ace is considered the “mind” of the guild.

    Lord/Lady Oak
    Oak is most commonly seen as a symbol of strength. This ace must be able to endure all kinds of physical and mental challenges, for it is they who takes the brunt of the burden high ranks in the guild endure. They are the protector of the guild, they who solve arguments and advise the current leader in all things. They are the “heart and soul” of the guild.

    A position uniquely for the “healers” of the guild. They who can give life, or take it away with their skills. The peony is a flower with traditional medicinal uses, and has become a symbol of the healers and their unique beauty.

    Ivy Vines
    A position given to the guardians and protectors among the guild. They who would be a shield to their comrades and the innocents, often under the command of the ace of Oak themself. Ivy is a symbol of endurance and dependence, and those in this position are supports for the rest of the guild, in a sense.

    This is perhaps the position that puts the most mental strain on members. Asphodel means “My regrets follow you to the grave.” Those who take the position of Asphodel are the one usually sent on assassination missions. They are respected among the guild, but often prefer to keep to themselves rather than socialise with members not of this force.

    Laurel is a sign of ambition and success. Acanthus is a symbol of art. Those who belong to this group among the guild are usually architects, builders, and inventors for the guild. They are often tasked with building any new expansion to the property of the guild, and are highly respected as creators.

    Guild Territory

    Dark Guild: Black Lotus Image0

    Based in the forested area south of Phoenix Mountains, the Black Lotus guild hall is a natural wonderland. Featuring winding pathways through all manner of mysterious and beautiful plants, the whole area has a surreal sort of feeling to it.

    Dark Guild: Black Lotus Image0

    Inside the hall, everything is a stark contrast to the outside. While it harbours an almost otherworldly glow, the space is sleeker and far more modern than it appears on the outside. The main area consists of a large bar for members to sit at, with the rest of the main hall area functioning as a large lounge.

    Dark Guild: Black Lotus Image0

    The Garden of Life

    Located behind the main guild hall of Black Lotus lies a large greenhouse with an exquisite variety of flowers within. The purposes of these flowers vary, from simple beauty to medicinal or poisonous uses. In the very back of the building is a smaller, room sized area which functions as a space for mixing and preparing medicines- or poisons.

    Notes: This guild proposal has been approved by the admin team, meaning once I’ve reached the desired rank and gotten all the jewels and members we will be able to create the guild! I’m currently trying to rank up to S with some solos, though any pledged members can certainly join me!

    All member pledges will be listed below as they’re gained, as well as all jewels pledged!

    Jewel Pledges:

    All of Cael’s jewels from Caelestis

    Member Pledges:

    Caelestis Icarus Zephyr


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