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    What Lies Beneath (Nikola, Wynne [PRIVATE]) [WIP]


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    In Progress What Lies Beneath (Nikola, Wynne [PRIVATE]) [WIP]

    Post by EISNIK003 17th June 2022, 5:05 pm

    ❝ The important thing is to never stop questioning [or learning]❞ – by Albert Einstein.

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    Job Link: What Lies Beneath (C-rank Neutral)

    Job Signup Approval Link: What Lies Beneath (C-rank Neutral) Approval [p39, Post n°966]

    It had been a while since Nikola's latest adventure, and this had involved him going to a locale called “Neutral Grounds” which served as the location of the HQ for a certain famous lacrimatek design and manufacturing company which was recently recognized for its recent release of the now famous “iLac” lacrimatek multipurpose handheld device to attend to the acquisition of one of these “iLac” units for himself since he wanted to increase both his operational efficiency and extent further than they had grown till then. Since then, during the period of respite that followed, Nikola had once again gotten back to attending to his duties towards his family and the associated business group as well as the associated multinational business conglomerate. These included things like attending business meetings, meeting other high society families, and getting acquainted with their heir(s) and heiresses, overseeing as well as signing off on the developmental processes for new product lines, and so on. Additionally, he had also gotten back to his usual ongoing and ever-burgeoning mad science research efforts during this time as well and in these endeavors and in the handling of his daily life routine, he was assisted as always by his trusted and exclusively personal, 6-unit strong, maid squad made up of monstergirls of all sorts, this squad also being his personal bodyguards in any combat situations too.

    So, in this manner, time marched on for him till present wherein he was relaxing in the company of said maid squad, with all of them currently lounging in recreation room section of his mansion in Crocus, the capital of Fiore which was his home base of operations. In this situation, Nikola and his maids had decided to start expanding their recreational horizons aka enjoying themselves via participating together in a slew of miscellaneous activities such as playing pool, vintage wine tasting, reading classical novels of various genres and so on in addition to simply watching the newest movie to be released in said room. However, this peaceful setup of Nikola's and consequently his pleasure-filled mood was abruptly interrupted by the distinctive notification tone from his newly acquired “iLac” that he had set for any incoming job request notification and more recently, also for any other equally important notifications, that tone being the “Voices of War”, which was the exclusive and special DLC soundtrack given only to frequent players of one of his now most favorite iLac mobile game apps, namely “Oda Nobuna’s Ambition”, as noted by his head personal maid, “Jeanne

    "Master Eisenstein, it would seem that our merrymaking is to be put on hold for a while...for it would seem you have your next job in your magus work..."

    To that, Nikola grimaced as he remarked, his voice clearly demonstrating his now disgruntled mindset

    "Indeed...how truly irksome this is..."

    However, regardless of how much he did not want to leave his beloved maid squad behind, like all others which come before it had done, this job also required his attention and that was a fact which was much to his chagrin and the dismay of his maids as well. That said, it was not something he could ignore since he could always use more money than he already had, and thus he had no choice but to galvanize himself for leaving the pleasurable company being offered to him by his maids to attend to this. To that end, he addressed each of the members of his monstergirl maid squad in turn gently, as was his usual routine

    "Ladies…though it pains me to leave your rather pleasurable company for attending to a triviality such as this…I am afraid it must be done, for in the eternal pursuit of my research, I can never have too many funds at my disposal. However, fret not, for I shall endeavor to finish this troublesome chore with all due haste so that I am able to return to you all and resume my enjoyment of your oh-so-delightful company."

    After that, Nikola gently disengaged himself from his maids and then left for his bedchambers, wherein upon arrival, he quickly set about getting ready in his usual work attire, aka that of a mad scientist magus, and then headed off for the destination mentioned in the job request, which located near a place known only as the “Cedar”. It did not take him too long to arrive there thanks to the upgrades he had made to his personal transport, a fully custom-order, vintage limo and once he did, he parked it somewhere safe and out of sight from the regular public. Of course, since the job this time was merely to take over the allegedly but certainly not verifiably hazardous task of exploring some recently found archaeological ruins from their original discoverers, aka the team of archaeologists who were the client for the current job in this case, he did not foresee any problems getting in his way this time around. Of course, he could not have foreseen his meeting with the person whom he would be encountering on this most recent adventure.



    What Lies Beneath (Nikola, Wynne [PRIVATE]) [WIP] BLACK-JACK


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