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    [S]hawty got low, low, low, low...

    Saffron Remington
    Saffron Remington

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    [S]hawty got low, low, low, low... Empty [S]hawty got low, low, low, low...

    Post by Saffron Remington 2022-06-14, 09:54

    Username: Saffron Remington
       Link to Previous OOC Exam: Clicky
       Current Rank: A
       Applying for: S

       Completed Threads:

       Total EXP: 10,525 (from A rank exam) + 14,825 = 25,350exp

       Additional Information: Skipping written exam since we don't need to do those anymore. Thank you!


    [S]hawty got low, low, low, low... 63747_s
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    [S]hawty got low, low, low, low... Empty Re: [S]hawty got low, low, low, low...

    Post by Medeia 2022-06-14, 20:12

    [S]hawty got low, low, low, low... QlhAT3Z

    Welcome to S Rank!


    [S]hawty got low, low, low, low... Medeia123

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