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    Beginning of the End


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    Beginning of the End Empty Beginning of the End

    Post by Trinity 8th June 2022, 5:50 pm


    It was finally time.

    Thana smiled as her eyes roamed across the city landscape of Lavanitir Port. Her amber gaze burned with the fires of hunger, a deep and passionate anticipation of the carnage that was to come. Divine Calamity had been a long time in the making. She had played for some time as a member of other guilds, even taking on the leadership role of an ace within Elysium before the guild was disbanded. While generally she liked to think of herself as a lone wolf, there was no denying that she had gotten a taste for having minions at her beck and call. So much so that when she returned to her guildless life after Elysium’s demise, her life had felt surprisingly lacking. She had realized she needed more. Not just to be a part of a guild, but leading one, and not as an ace. It was time for her to start a guild of her own, to call the shots and answer to no one.

    But one could not start a guild on their own, of course. A guild needed members, infrastructure, and territories. It needed aligned goals with individuals that were like minded, or at least able to be manipulated and otherwise controlled. It was after the events in Joya where she found her opportunity, in a pair of siblings known as Yurielle and Yuliana. They had wrought such beautiful destruction, and Thana had found herself captivated in a way that she had never experienced before. These were women that she could see not as mere pawns but as true allies. As equals. And Ataxia had found it fitting to make the stars align, allowing the three women to meet and come to an agreement in co-leading a brand new dark guild that was, on this very day, about to take its maiden steps to announce itself to the world. They had even already amassed a small following of individuals that had presented themselves to be named among the founding members.

    It was with a couple of those members that she was gathered today, on the far west side of the city where the docks lay. The port was rife with ships of all sorts, though most of them were geared for various import and export goods. After much discussion of where to make their mark, she alongside Yuri and Yuli had decided that Lavanitir was the perfect place to take root. The Rune Knight presence on the island was shaky at best, more of a formality than anything else since the city was a bit more independent and liberal than the rest of Fiore. Additionally, it would be a critical blow to the mainland for them to take over one of their biggest commerce ports. Not to mention a retaliatory strike would be difficult for their enemies to plan, seeing as how the only way to reach the city would be by sea or air. It was perfect for their needs, and she had faith that their power and domination would only expand from there.

    At the moment she had used her magic to disguise herself. Considering that she was supposed to have been recently executed by the Rune Knights, it wouldn’t do to reveal her presence just yet. There was a time and a place for the world at large to know that Trinity the Warlord of Mania was still very much at large, but today was not that day. So instead, she had taken it upon herself to fabricate a new alias; a different one than she had created for her membership with the Luminous Covenant. While Simeon was a delightful role to play, she could not afford to have that persona’s reputation with the faction compromised by being affiliated with a new dark guild. So instead she had created Ezekiel Black, a young man appearing to be in his early twenties with tanned skin and piercing gray eyes. His long hair was a dark teal color that was pulled into a loose ponytail with an array of shaggy bangs that framed his face. He wore fashionable armor of expensive make, as well as a black patch covering one of his eyes. Just peeking through the opening of his chest was the chosen symbol of the guild, a crown, in a bright pink hue.

    He turned his head just enough to look back at the two women that had joined him, the Joyan Alivya and the young Willow that she had ensnared to her side a number of months ago. “Ladies… It’s time to show the world who we are. Our goal is to wipe out the Rune Knights that are stationed here and take over the city hall. Feel free to drag as many citizens as you’d like into the chaos, just remember that we do want to leave some of the city alive. We cannot be rulers without slaves. But every single Rune Knight must die without exception. We will take this city by force, and through our valiant efforts shall the dawn of the Ashen Empire one day rise.”

    Withdrawing the sword from his hip, Ezekiel pointed toward a small group of Rune Knights that had gathered at the docks. It appeared to be a small handful of low ranking Rune Knight soldiers that were reporting to two men that were bearing the marks of a sergeant and staff sergeant. “We start with them. Oh, and just to make things more fun… the one who kills the most Rune Knights might just get a very special reward from me later. Do make me proud.” And with that she waved them off, giving them permission to take the lead on the attack.
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    Beginning of the End Empty Re: Beginning of the End

    Post by Willow 13th June 2022, 7:12 pm

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    There was something about controlled chaos that tickled the inventor and scientist within Willow. The very idea was a contradiction and yet, so viably useful and impactful when applied in the right situation. It wasn’t an aspect that the Xocili often utilized, much preferring to sew outright madness rather than applying pressure in key areas. But when she stopped to think about it, she may have been trained and bred to invoke controlled chaos practically from birth. After all, undoing the infrastructure of a world’s government and letting the laws and politics give way to carnage was, in a sense, controlled. It was like bleeding a poisoned extremity to purge the sickness and the rest of the plasma went right along with it.

    Though it wasn’t her first priority, there was no denying that Willow would do pretty much anything Thana asked of her. And when the woman had finally called upon her again to take part in her establishment of her regime, well, who could possibly say no? Better yet; she would be joined by Alivya, the flirty firecracker whom she had befriended during their little party on the battlefield of war. The frosting on top of the exciting cupcake that was their excursion was the fact that they would be dismantling Rune Knights; Fiore’s established policing force. She’d learned of them during her initial investigation of the world and its peoples and she’d been thoroughly looking forward to getting a chance to test her abilities against them.

    Willow was dressed in her usual garb, the thin leather strapped top gripping to her body tight. She was hunched over slightly as she glanced between the Rune Knights that had gathered on the dock and the gorgeous disguise that Thana was utilizing. Granted, just knowing that the dommy mommy was in there was enough to attract her, even to the likes of her Simeon disguise but this one, Ezekiel Black she named him, was a hunk. A naughty little grin was plastered over her features as excitement bubbled up within her lithe form. Her silent fantasizing was cut short as Thana informed them that it was finally time for them to act. Their goal was the annihilation of the Rune Knights on the island and the systematic occupation of the city’s main hall. As far as Thana was concerned, they could pot shot innocent civilians as much as they liked but they had to make sure they left enough to keep as slaves afterward. The Rune Knights, however, was completely expendable.

    She gestured towards the group on the other side of the docks. Her eyes took in the visual of all the men and women and quickly scanned and identified them. Thana announced that they were the first targets and for the sake of amusement, the person that collected the most kills would be rewarded later by Thana herself. A cherry on top of the gifted sundae. “Well who can say no to an offer like that?” Willow asked with a grin. She glanced over at Alivya. “Let’s get to it babe.”

    With nary a flick of her hand, the Xocili shifted the gravity around her. Flipping it so that it was horizontal rather than vertical, Willow suddenly began to freefall through the air as if she’d just dove from a cliff. She quickly picked up speed as she approached the group of Rune Knights, several of them turning to look at the rapidly moving woman. They were so perplexed by her odd way of coming at them that they weren’t even preparing for it to be hostile. A foolish move on their part; Willow angled herself and increased the force of the gravity around her, suddenly speeding up to triple the rate she was before. It was enough to deposit her right in the middle of the group and there, the Xocili halted gravity for a split second. Then, having built up the force of her movement within her, she released it in a directed shockwave around her as well as at the man that was ranked as a staff sergeant. The gravitational force exploded out angrily, slamming into all of the Rune Knights. At least three of the lower ranked had their armors crushed in devastatingly lethal manners, their lives bleeding out as they were flung away. The staff sergeant was sent flying towards the ocean, though he was relatively unharmed by the sudden attack.

    Cackling, Willow summoned the Desperado into her hand; her newest firearm of choice. With another burst of gravitational force, she launched herself after the staff sergeant, leaving the surviving Rune Knights and the sergeant to Alivya.

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    Beginning of the End Empty Re: Beginning of the End

    Post by Yuri and Yuli 6th November 2022, 5:09 am

    Beginning of the End YuriYuliHeaders

    A day that would mark the beginning of a new age. The dawn of a new world order.

    It had been something the twins, Yurielle and Yuliana deFleur, had been preparing for ever since they had met the person who had become their equal. The only person they could even conceive as such. This individual, more enigmatic than anything, had called herself Thana. A Warlord, approaching the twins with a vision of the future the two shared, something that Yurielle and Yuliana alike mused most agreeable, after the void had claimed Felidae. Indeed, the cataclysm that the deFleur twins had unleashed upon that nation, Joya, would turn out to have precisely the intended effect, throwing the continent into a great war and the world into turmoil. The constellations of power that these nations had established, the mortals that had built these societies that claimed power unparalleled to their name... it was all so awfully fragile. A weak facade, splintering like broken glass when the slightest pressure was applied. All it had taken was a push in the right direction and the simplest of deceptions to fulfill the first of their objectives. Bellum would burn.

    Thana saw it, the beauty in these machinations and the chaos alike, and when it had been established that the three found each other agreeing on a shared vision, the rest had been child's play. They would become the gods that they were meant to be and squash the nations of Earthland under their heel.

    An alliance of absolute power was created. Divine Calamity was born.

    The rest of Earthland? It was evident that they had a different kind of vision for the future. Stability. Peace. Reconciliation. An absurd set of ideals. They would come to understand their role in due time. All things had to begin somewhere. And today, oh on this wonderful day, this vision would finally take root.

    An isolated city, located on an island belonging to a nation called Fiore had been chosen as the birthplace of their hallowed revolution, their apotheosis. Lavanitir.

    Accompanied by a small group of like-minded individuals, the first among the coming line of followers, the twins approached the city gates in the city's east while their fellow Master, Thana, approached from the west. Prior intelligence had confirmed the presence of both legal mages and Rune Knights in the city. Hardly an obstacle in the way of their ultimate victory here, but the insects had to be smoked out before the space could be claimed, naturally.

    "The group we will encounter is referred to as "Ascended Phoenix". You can identify these wretched insects by their guild mark". Yurielle's voice, soft and characteristically monotonous, echoed through the heads of her underlings. Without delay, a projection of that same guild mark would appear in the mind of those that stood at Yurielle's and Yuliana's side telepathically. "They are assigned guard over the city walls, and as such, they stand in our way. I don't believe I need to explain what this means".

    Yuliana beside her chuckled quietly, a practiced, smug grin on twisting her expression into an amused grimace. Their pace did not shift as they walked, the city gate in clearly visible not far from their approach. Another minute on foot, perhaps, and they would pass it. The structure, built from massive bricks of solid granite, was flanked by a small group of armored guards on both sides. There they stood, in their Midian-style armor. Pathetic theater play, nothing more.

    A horned man stood on one side, instructing the group of guild warriors around him about something or other with a stern look. On the other side, a horned woman stood beside the rest of the members of Ascended Phoenix, more focussed on her guard duties than anything.

    "Objective's the same as discussed-", this time it was Yuliana speaking aloud, her voice, distinctly more casual than that of her sister, containing a faint tremble of barely concealed excitement. She continued without looking at any of the others, her eyes, steeped in hues of inferno, locked onto the city ahead, "-we'll make our way to the seat of the local government, the city hall, and conquer this land for our Empire. Any who stand in our way, well...". The girl paused, grinned even broader than before. "...We'll just have to execute them all". Her sister, Yurielle, nodded, the expression on her face locked into stoic frigidity. "Civilian casualties are acceptable... to a degree. I hope I make myself clear". The gate and the soldiers would soon be no more than a stone toss away. "You have my permission to dispose of them". "You heard her, Soldiers. Knock yourselves out".

    A hopefully entertaining opportunity to see what each of these promising members of Divine Calamity had to offer in their repertoire.

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    Trina Kassia
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    Beginning of the End Empty Re: Beginning of the End

    Post by Trina Kassia 18th November 2022, 3:57 pm

    Trina Kassia
    The Beginning of The End

    There was a twisted duality in the nature of man - jealousy and greed woven into a facade of courtesy and false altruism. This was the necessity of reality, unfortunate as it was; there was only one real outcome of humanity, that all creatures were born liars to the truth that they themselves beheld. Trina was no exception. Her playful demeanour masked only hatred and pain at the Fioreans, which was why she was so willing to commit to a cause willing to burn down everything this nation stood for. Already fractured as it was, the simple matter of driving in a wedge and causing the fracture to schism further was music to her ears. Therefore, she was here, with her bestie, ready to make the world realise how shattered it already was. This was the first step along that path. The Joyan refugee, were she to know precisely who commanded this particular section of the operation, would have given her life in an instant to exact revenge for that which she held so dear - but the blissful ignorance that she beheld was precisely that. Blissful..

    Which, in this instance, was the exact word that one could have used to describe Trina as she leapt her way up onto the ramparts of the city walls near the gate - well, leapt was not quite accurate; it was more apt to say that she flickered out of existence and reappeared at the top of the stone structure. A child-like giggle escaped her lips as she reached the top of the wall, before she reached her hand forward and reached in to the etheric toy box that stored her equipment. Everything forward from her wrist vanished in a green glow for a moment before reappearing - this time, with a lance as long as her body in hand. The spear's edge was a perfectly polished silver, with metal trails running from the head partly down the haft, with purple and black dragon motifs carved into the weapon. Beautifully crafted, this monstrous blade in the tiny cat's hands appeared to all external view as ridiculous - and perhaps it was incredibly strange that a tiny girl such as this could or would wield a weapon of this kind of necessity.

    However, like a kitten staring down a mouse, she was ready to pounce.

    Under normal circumstances, she would have waited for Ray to engage first, knowing full well he was more than capable of the annihilation of all enemies in his wake. On the other hand she had been given specific and explicit instructions to knock herself out, which meant that she had free rein to remove someone. However, she also knew her limitations. She was a tiny, weak kitty cat that wasn't exactly equipped with the means to kill as many people as he was. Which meant that she needed to be strategic in the way she executed her next move. To be fair, said next move was to quite literally point her spear at the weakest looking guy there and smile as her Cheshire kinsman would. Little fangs poked out next to normal teeth and boy was she ready to play with those new foes below her. A blue tail, poking out the back of her dress, swished back and forth through the air, before it stood straight for a single moment, betraying her murderous intent.

    "Hee hee! It's tiiiiiiiime to plaaaaaaaaay tag~!" echoed the high-pitched voice through the air. Perhaps that would be enough distraction to make the eyes of the guards flick upwards and look towards Trina instead of the massed group of incredibly powerful mages that was gathering to raid the city. "Here I cooooooome!"

    And then, like a blue and purple blur, she dove straight for the target she had chosen with a vicious stardrive, crackling with energy. The poor creature was going to find himself on the receiving end of the blade in her hands, where it pierced into flesh and tore away at organs as the tip of the spear punctured through the man. Fortunately for him, it was just left of a lung, which meant that the blade didn't quite catch anything critical. Unfortunately for Trina, he was still entirely alive.

    "You're it. Y'gotta get someone else now, uwu! No tag backs!"

    The rules of the game were absolute. No tag backs. What a shame that the game played was not simple tag, but the conquest of an entire city by any means necessary.

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