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    Springtime Priorities

    Samira Nassar
    Samira Nassar

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    Springtime Priorities Empty Springtime Priorities

    Post by Samira Nassar 12th May 2022, 7:17 am

    The world was a bit different in current days. Had been for a while now. The war was always a topic of conversation for many, and one couldn't go to any public gathering without hearing something being said about it. Still, there were some things that did not change. Seasonal and holiday festivals were always ongoing. Whether the event coordinators just wanted to get everyone's mind off the war or they just didn't care about it was anyone's guess. The fact remained that a springtime festival was now up and running. Fiore itself was far from the battles that took place across the continent so maybe it was pretty easy to forget when springtime colors and decor were everywhere. Spring was the season of hope and renewal so maybe the citizens attending the festival found a reason in that to forget about all the current events and just go back to the simple times of carefree enjoyment. Or so some would think. Samira sort of had a similar thought process. She had not taken an official side in the war and, at least for now, she was so far from its immediate effects. It was easy to focus on the same old traditions and just live as she always had. Not that in any way meant it was any safer or uneventful, but it was normal. She could allow herself to get distracted by the springtime festival and look forward to whatever tomorrow brought. Again, at least for now.

    It wasn't quite afternoon yet but the festival was already busy and lively. From Easter egg painting all the way to the relay races. There was something for everyone and each activity was popular among the attendees. Samira herself had already decided on doing something simple to pass the time. Painting easter eggs. Although, she couldn't really fathom why that called out to her first. Being that kind of creative was a rarity but that day she was quick to give it a try and amuse herself with the activity. It didn't take long for her to get to the point of realizing something was missing. Besides the paint that was supposed to be on the hardboiled egg in front of her. Not a single dab of paint had been brushed onto it yet. The noise of the spirit avatars around her went unheard as they fought and argued over their own egg masterpieces, causing other participants and spectators to stare and calmly distance themselves. Normally she would have told them to quiet down and behave, much like a child would a parent, but she was too distracted by that one missing thing. What was it? And then finally, it became clear. Her normal festival partner was absent. That was it. Leona was unavailable that day. So there Samira was. Alone. With the avatar spirits that craved attention and trouble on a daily basis. At a festival where they were bound to get thrown out for doing whatever chaotic plans they could come up with. Oh, dear. She needed contact with someone else for once. But, who?

    Samira continued to ignore the egg that still needed to be painted. There was still plenty of time to do something with it so whatever time was left on the clock didn't worry her much. Her new priority was getting someone there that wasn't... Samira stared at the group of summons around her. The fight for dominance over the cup of yellow paint was real. "There is more yellow paint at the other egg painting tables..." The group looked at her and then at the other tables. Naturally, those other tables had other people paiting eggs, but no one seemed to take that into consideration. The group zoomed towards the other tables, leaving the original cup of yellow paint at her table all alone. Samira sighed in a mix of disappointment and exasperation. To conclude her earlier thought process, it would have been nice to have someone there that wasn't them.

    "I wonder if anyone at the guild is coming here today." Samira thought aloud. It was the Ace of Spades, after all. The main town that Sabertooth had major connections with and watched over. Why she chose to visit the Ace of Spades over anywhere else Samira didn't know. She rarely ever came to that town or even the guildhall itself. Perhaps it was a subconscious choice in answer to her current small problem of company.

    "I haven't seen anyone yet!" Serqet, the only summon that had remained because she was more focused on the color purple than yellow, answered. The spirit avatar clumsily painted on her egg. Not because of lack of skill but because she was wearing a massive bunny costume. It wasn't exactly made for performing detailed artistic strokes. Serqet didn't seem to mind though, nor did she mind the mess she was making on the costume itself. "They'll probably come though. Maybe. If they're not busy. Or dead."

    "Hmmmm," Samira didn't know many of the guild members to even personally invite. And on such short notice too come to think of it. The most logical choice was Victoria. She'd likely be the easiest to find out of anyone and most likely very nearby if she still worked at the inn. That was fortunate. The whole thought of having company likely would have been extinguished permanently if she had to settle on Kite or Imai. It was almost enough to quickly switch towns. Thank goodness for the existence of Victoria and for the lines of fate having them meet in the past. Samira would enjoy getting to know the other Sabertooth mage a bit more and adding a guildmate to the list of friends. And so the decision was made and the plan set.

    At the Red Dragon Inn, a magic portal materialized inside. It was the first place to look for the mage that was so known to be there. And, as expected, it would be the last. A spirit avatar that Victoria was familiar with came from the portal; Janus. He bowed politely towards her and began to greet her. "Heeeellllooooo, Ms. SheriDAN!" The master of portals yelped the last syllable as someone else came bouncing through the portal, crashing right into him and knocking him to the ground. It was the bunny costumed Serqet. "Hihi!" She hopped around and waved around her egg-filled easter basket a few times before stopping right in front of Victoria. From the basket she pulled out a colorful easter-themed letter. That was blank. She didn't exactly have time to fill it in or have Samira do so before hijacking Janus' portal. Nevertheless she offered it for Victoria to take. "You've been officially invited to join our uh... most esteemed summoner in the spring festival.... festivities! Do you accept?!"

    "She means Samira," Janus added weakly from the floor. He was sure Victoria could put two and two together without that, but since Serqet failed to mention it herself he felt it polite to make it clear.

    (Word Count: 1173)


    Victoria Sheridan
    Victoria Sheridan

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    Springtime Priorities Empty Re: Springtime Priorities

    Post by Victoria Sheridan 14th May 2022, 9:00 pm

    -Red Dragon Inn-

    Clad in her blue Steel Matron t-shirt along with black skirt with pockets, black bike shorts on underneath the skirt, and white tennis shoes on her feet, Victoria sat on her usual stool at the bar and drank from a can of Cherry Charge soda. Victoria had really wanted a Screwdriver today but chose to settle for a can of Cherry Charge soda instead. As time went on she found her "need" for alcohol decreasing and she reached for the bottle less and less, saving alcohol for important celebrations instead of drinking it every chance she got. While she could have used today as a good excuse to drink some alcohol without anyone batting an eye, the brunette decided to save the drinking for another day instead.

    Victoria thought about checking out the Spring Festival in town just to see what it was about. She did not really want to look for a job today and was not wanting to go back to her room in Sabertooth Guild Hall just yet, so as soon as she finished this can she would get another can for the road and go see what the festival had to offer. If she liked what she saw she would participate in it. If she found it to be not to her liking she would just go back to her room and do something like go to sleep or look for a job, maybe even return to Red Dragon Inn and grab a bottle of vodka after all. She was halfway through the first can when someone called out to her from behind and she turned to see who it was.

    Samira's summon Janus had appeared from a portal and had begun speaking to her. The brunette remembered the mechanical guy from the Ishgar Symposium and how his aid had made life a lot easier for the Sabertooth trio of Samira, Kite, and Victoria on that eventful day. She liked the guy because he was a lot more easy-going than some of Samira's other summons.

    "Hey there Janus, how's it going... today..." Victoria started speaking to the mechanical summon when another person showed up unexpectedly and knocked the hapless Janus to the floor upon arrival. The new arrival in question was someone wearing a bunny costume, someone who Victoria had never seen before today... the new person was likely another one of Samira's summons. After a few moments of odd behavior the new arrival literally hopped over to Victoria and presented her with an object which turned out to be a letter.  Victoria opened it and began to read it to find that there was absolutely nothing written on the paper.

    This was getting stranger by the second.

    She looked towards the summons for an explanation and soon got one from both of them. The letter was an invitation from Samira to meet up with the latter and participate in the Spring Festival together. Victoria did not need to be asked twice.

    "Samira wants me to participate in the Spring Festival with her? Dude, I'm there!" Victoria replied enthusiastically to the question that Janus and the other summon whose name she did not know had asked her. It was not every day that the famous Samira Nassar herself asked Victoria to join her for anything. The brunette had better seize this opportunity while she could because should she turn this opportunity down she might not get another. Victoria was totally on board with the idea of meeting Samira, but first she had a question.

    "I take it that stepping through the portal will take me straight to where Samira is?" Victoria asked both Janus and the costumed summon. It was probably a dumb question to ask, but she had to ask before stepping through the portal to make sure that she would get to her destination alive and in one piece. Traveling through portals was still new to Victoria and she did not want anything strange to happen to her when she stepped through one.

    [Post Word Count: 672]
    [Victoria's Word Count: 672/2,000]
    [Total Word Count: 1,845/4,000]


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