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    Dragon's Foe

    Leonidas Jarnefeldt
    Leonidas Jarnefeldt

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    Dragon's Foe Empty Dragon's Foe

    Post by Leonidas Jarnefeldt 4th May 2022, 1:42 am

    Dragon's Foe

    Artifact (+)


    Proof of Purchase:
    [Insert Link to Purchase Post] The Weapon was purchased by my main character Leona Jarnefeldt, but it was requested that the weapon be given to Leonidas Jarnefeldt. Request: Page 4, Post Number 78, Approval: Page 4, Post Number 79

    The Dragon's Foe is a sword created from the scales of a metallic dragon, forged within the heart of a fire dragon, and quenched in the water of a water dragon. Shards of crystal dragon fire are set within the blade. The blade has a unique shape with a guard wrought in the shape of a dragon skull. It was created for a dragon slayer, the very same who brought those three dragons to heel.

    Dragon's Foe 86bX058


    Plot Ability: This sword deals more damage against dragons, wyverns, and drakes. To what degree is up to the user, though this ability requires OOC permission when used against players, player-owned NPCs, or Event NPCs.

    Name: Inferno
    Rank: User Rank Advanced (Up to A+)
    Category: Offensive
    Type: Burst - Drain, Pierce, Buff
    Damage: User Rank Advanced Burst Damage
    Range: User Rank Advanced Burst Range
    Speed: User Rank Advanced Burst Speed
    Duration: User Rank Advanced Max
    Description: Once per post for the ability's duration, the user can point the sword toward the sky and a burst of flames erupts from the blade up to the ability's range, its flames flickering out and burning all those within range. Those hit by the flames will be set ablaze by magical fire, draining them of 5% of their MP once per post for the rest of the ability's duration. Further, the flames will burn through shields, barriers, and armor, though sacrifice 50% damage in the process. Lastly, the user's strength is increased by a user-rank advanced active buff to Strength for the ability's duration.

    Name: Searing
    Rank: User Rank (Up to S)
    Category: Offensive
    Type: Single Target - Drain, Buff
    Damage: User Rank Single Target Damage
    Range: User Rank Single Target Range
    Speed: User Rank Single Target Speed
    Duration: User Rank Max
    Description: The user can fire a torrent of fire at an opponent once per post for the ability's duration. If an opponent is hit with the flame, they will be set alight with magical fire which will drain 5% of their HP once per post for the rest of the ability's duration. While this ability is active, the user will receive a user-rank active buff to their Movement Speed.
    Julius Seas
    Julius Seas

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    Dragon's Foe Empty Re: Dragon's Foe

    Post by Julius Seas 13th May 2022, 1:34 pm


    Dragon's Foe 5fetPgG



    Dragon's Foe X9tEBuc

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