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    Conceptual Jewel - Yin

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    Conceptual Jewel - Yin Empty Conceptual Jewel - Yin

    Post by Knight Owl 25th April 2022, 6:01 am

    Conceptual Jewel - Yin

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    In the past, a looming presence on earth threatened to destroy all of humanity, a demon of Apocrypha. It was a creature of malice that left only destruction in its wake, and the mages of the time didn't have much time left before the beast snuffed out their lives as well. And so, the Banes of Apocrypha were constructed, their purpose being to slay once and for all the demons of Apocrypha. Their creation was a worldwide phenomenon, every talent from all over the globe pouring their efforts into their crafting. What came from this were items strong enough to elevate mankind to the level of the demon Apocrypha, and the creature was sealed away, never to see the light of day again.

    Yin is referred to as a "conceptual jewel" not only because it is a prized possession, but also due to its intense space-time bending existence. It, in itself, was forged from the ideas presented by the very idea of "yin".  Earth, dark, cold, all of those are a culmination of what is the conceptual jewel. How exactly this was done has been long lost to the past, but it had something to do with some people in the stars...

    Conceptual Jewel - Yin ZuAJqSS


    Yin is a culmination of all things associated with the symbol, including that of the earth.  And just as the land always seems to persist through the harshest of conditions, anyone harnessing the jewel's power will as well. Yin will grant the owner of this Jewel a passive 200% increase to their HP.

    Dark Side of the Hill:
    Yin possesses a great affinity for all things dark, it's very nature being a culmination of them. The wielder of the conceptual jewel may take advantage of this fact, using it to bolster their physical abilities. The user benefits from a passive 20% increase to their base Strength.


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    Conceptual Jewel - Yin Empty Re: Conceptual Jewel - Yin

    Post by Mura Kensho 25th April 2022, 7:55 am

    Conceptual Jewel - Yin JNJBmmh



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