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    Aspen Azarov

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    Tormentia Empty Tormentia

    Post by Aspen Azarov 25th April 2022, 12:35 am




    Proof of Purchase:

    No one is quite sure where this mask has come from or how it became what it is today, though the fact is obvious that this particular item shares a resemblance with two other items of a similar kind, with all three exuding a similarly oppressive and corrupted magical aura that seems to concentrate on different aspects of negative emotions. It is understood that, while Miseria feeds off of feelings of inadequacy and anxiety, and Tragoedia feeds off of feelings of anger and wrath, Tormentia siphons feelings of guilt and regret from its user, much like its siblings liberating the person who wears the mask from those emotions while projecting them outward, seemingly designed for a single and just that single purpose only: To cause suffering.

    The mask, through some force or existence, has been corrupted from a normal thing, not even possessing any inherent magical power in the first place, into what it has become now, embodying the torment and pain the user has gone through. The sheer fact that this mask even exists, no, the sheer fact that three of these masks exist is a terrifying revelation, an insight into the nature of emotions and just how much power they can wield, with some speculating that the sheer strength of the emotions their wielders have felt has caused the appearance of these things and that, indeed, not the user sought out and acquired the mask, no, that the mask has chosen its wielder, a source to exercise their powers and influence the world.

    Once the mask is put on, it will extinguish those same emotions. Reservation, guilt, regret, and pain will fade away into nothing, almost as if they had never been there, consumed by the mask as they infuse it with tremendous power. As the user, though, influences the mask, it is believed that the mask, too, influences the user. To what capacity is unknown, though it wouldn't be surprising if it altered their perception, or even, in the most terrifying of cases, took control of the wielder's actions, the user relinquishing all restraint and caution in order to force their emotions on those around them, to, in effect, cause devastation, suffering, pain, and death, all the while being shrouded in an aura that burns with sheer magical intensity. It appears so intense, in fact, that it resembles fire in nature, filling those around with an instinctual, primal sense of dread and fear.

    With the emergence of a third mask, the presence of these items can neither be denied nor ignored. The powers they hold are very much real, and their origin, while shrouded in mystery, is something that has been called into question. There can be no way to be sure, to confirm that the stories are true without studying the masks, but the fact that they exist alone presents a disturbing case. If you encounter one of these masks being used... it would seem that your options, apart from the grasp of fear gradually overtaking your mind, are slim. Be wary of the masks. Be afraid of the secrets they hold.

    Tormentia L7DnnbN


    Name: Agonia
    Category: Auxiliary
    Type: Passive
    Description: The mask utilizes concepts that are prevalent in the wearer, presenting a barrier between their sense of self and the outside world, in a sense, acting as a layer of protection while, at the same time, integrating seamlessly into the wearer's being and, by extension, magic. By fueling its own magical capabilities, it also bestows some of these capabilities to the user, granting them a 50% base increase to their HP passively. The user may also chose to receive a passive 50% base increase to 1) MP or 2) SP, which must be specified below.
    Increase Chosen: 2

    Name: Angoria
    Category: Auxiliary
    Type: Passive
    Description: Shrouding the user's senses in a dull haze when worn, the mask, while not doing much to conceal the wearer's identity, serves to numb the user's emotions, memories, even personality, removing feelings such as pain, guilt, and regret that could possibly wear the user down or hold them back, filling them with a feeling of subtle euphoria. While the emotional influence is the most obvious factor, the mask's influence also seeps into the user's being, reinforcing their physical abilities considerably and strengthening them to the user's benefit. This grants the user a passive increase of 200% to both their Strength and their Movement Speed. Further, the user's power also carries with it another purpose, the emotions consumed and suppressed by the mask being forced outward by it, instilling within the user the notion to destroy, their power reflecting the change. The user benefits from a 50% base increase to their Strength.

    Name: Interita
    Category: Auxiliary
    Type: Passive
    Description: The mask, even among its siblings, is unique in what it can accomplish and what powers it grants its wielder, not just in terms of the emotions it is assigned control over, but also the determination and power it inspires within its wielder, a power so strong that they may temporarily exceed the limits of regular magic. The wielder of the mask can, once every 3 posts, cast a single spell, technique, or ability they have used in the same post again, effectively allowing them to cast a given spell, technique, or ability twice in one post. The recasting of the spell, technique, or ability does not cost MP / SP / HP. When casting said spell, technique, or ability again, however, the affected spell, technique, or ability and the new spell, technique, or ability immediately end their duration once the post is over, all associated effects being cancelled. The original spell, technique, or ability along with the newly cast spell, technique, or ability will enter a cooldown period of 3 posts in which the spell, technique, or ability in question cannot be activated again, and only once the cooldown is over can the spell, technique, or ability in question be used again. This ability can apply to any of the user's spells, techniques, or abilities with the sole exception of this ability itself.

    Name: Coerctia
    Rank: S+ (Unlocks at S rank)
    MP / SP Cost: 300 MP / SP
    Category: Auxiliary
    Type: Single Target - Negation
    Damage: N/a
    Range: Self
    Speed: Self
    Duration: 10 posts
    Downside: Unaffected by decreases to spell cost
    Description: Focussing, the user extends a hand, an ethereal aura of azure blue appearing in a circular radius immediately around their body, almost resembling a blazing fire, flickering and burning with pulsing magical power. The flames automatically move to intercept incoming spells, protecting the user and their form as if they had a mind on their own. While unstable, the fiery aura makes up for it in raw strength, thus being able to automatically negate the first spell that comes into contact with it every post without paying MP, the spell or ability in question being seemingly scorched and burned away entirely by a relentless blaze of azure fire. Only spells or abilities of S+ rank or lower are affected by this.

    Name: Ruina
    Rank: H+ (Unlocks at H rank)
    MP / SP Cost: 300 MP / SP
    Category: Offensive
    Type: Single Target, Burst - Debuff, HP Drain, MP Drain
    Damage: 400 HP
    Range: 1,000 m (ST) | 500 m (Burst)
    Speed: 1,000 m/s (ST) | 500 m/s (Burst)
    Duration: 20 posts
    Downside: Unaffected by decreases to spell cost
    Description: While the masks overwhelming aura can be used for defense as well, the user can choose to coalesce the blue flame around them into one of their hands once per post for the duration of this ability. Increasing in its raging intensity, the flames are collected before being shaped into a projectile of blidning glow and immense magical energy, which is fired at a target or an area within the ability's Single Target range at the ability's Single Target speed. Upon impact, the projectile explodes with raging ferocity, the azure fire of the explosion that swallows everything in its path seemingly acting with the will to destroy. The explosion encompasses an area equal to the ability's Burst range around the point of the projectile's impact, the explosion travelling at the ability's Burst speed. Everyone and everything caught in this explosion with the exception of the user will be subjected to extreme heat and flame that doesn't distinguish between friend or foe, good or bad, and simply incinerates all in a roaring inferno. Those who survive this explosion, however, also have to endure the consequences of the ability, which sets affected targets alight with blue flame that lasts for the ability's duration and inflicts a 50% debuff to both Spell Cost Reduction and Damage Reduction while burning away 5% HP and MP every post for the ability's duration. These flames cannot be extinguished by any means, the ability and the flames cannot be negated, redirected, or reflected, are unaffected by counter-effects to both debuffs or drains, and will keep burning until the duration of the ability ends or the ability is cancelled prematurely. The user may choose for this ability to benefit from either Spell Damage, Spell Range, and Spell Speed, or alternative, Strength, Technique Range, and Technique Speed. Only one of the two kinds of benefits may be chosen per thread and cannot be changed once chosen. The user must declare which benefit is used when this ability is activated.

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    Mura Kensho

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    Tormentia Empty Re: Tormentia

    Post by Mura Kensho 25th April 2022, 7:48 am

    Tormentia JNJBmmh



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