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    Theo and The Big D


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    Theo and The Big D Empty Theo and The Big D

    Post by Theo 21st April 2022, 3:52 am

    Theo Silversong

    Theo and The Big D NauticalTerribleChicken-size_restricted

    Name: Theo Silversong
    Real Name: Theo Byron Sinclair-Ragnos
    Gender: Male
    Age: It's complicated. He's 23, but was born several years in the future, but grew up over 300 years ago. Figure that one out.
    Birthday: August 15th
    Sexuality: Straightish
    Special Characteristics: Covered in various scars, with the one over his heart being the deepest. When The Demon's magic is strong, the scars are invisible. Due to the demonic influence and the converging of their magic and at times bodies, his appearance can change to reflect more qualities of The Demon.


    Theo's a bit of a mixed bag, lovingly labeled "emotional". He's the open book sort. It isn't hard to read him as long as you take the time to look. All thoughts and feelings are displayed on his features and in his gestures, quite unfortunate for someone priding themselves as a sneaky treasure hunter. At first glance, when he's on the job, pride and selfishness seem to be his default settings, but this is a simple defense mechanism. In his world, he needs to seem confident, even if he isn't. He has to deter competition and convince clients of his skill, even if that devolves into chaos and dumb luck most of the time. That's not to say he isn't actually a very skilled treasure hunter, because he is, he just has an... unusual way of getting there.

    Theo's the typical class clown otherwise, trying to fill himself up with other's happiness in hopes that someday someone will do the same for him. He's easily distracted by shiny things and is terribly clumsy, making most situations humorous if not difficult most of the time. He'll do almost anything for a laugh and/or to get paid. Theo is mischievous, exuberant, and a touch dramatic. He seems to somehow feel every emotion stronger than most people, causing him to be amusingly animated. He's the type that puts on his best face and does his best to stay bright and optimistic, because if he isn't, he may crumble away. Happiness is his best mask and the only one that can even attempt to hide his more negative feelings. The brighter the light, the deeper the shadow. Just behind the joy and silliness is a young man desperately searching for his worth, who has days when the confusing depression is too strangling to brush back into the corner. He just needs someone to believe in him, and until then he'll continue to blunder through life doing the best he can, while unable to shake the hollow feeling in his heart. He has a lot he feels he needs to make up for but is realistic enough to know he may never be able to.

    In battle, he isn't much more serious. Being more of the treasure hunter type, he's really not fond of fights and will do his best to avoid them. It often gets him viewed as the weakest link in combat, especially since he is clumsy and tends to get himself into rough spots. It's all his usual antics...that is until crap hits the fan. There is a point where even he can set himself aside and get pissed and serious. This is normally when his treasure or friends are threatened or in direct danger. His personality switches abruptly into a dark and angry shadow of himself, laser-focused with sharpened cold eyes that scream his violent intent. He'll stand and fight until there's nothing left of him, to the point that he loses control of himself. It can be jarringly frightening, seeing such a normally goofy, happy-go-lucky dude go postal and be covered in blood. After he is brought out of it he'll likely bury the memory and do his best to forget. He calls it Calamity and does his best to avoid letting it loose unless he absolutely must. Because he's so brash, unpredictable, and usually unfocused, he'd be a terrible leader and frankly never wants to be one. He'll happily follow under someone else, as long as they don't get in the way of him getting something shiny. Only then would there be a bit of conflict, since he's most likely to go after the shiny thing anyway.

    Recent Developments:
    Theo has had a very complicated and traumatic life but has been trying to keep his head up. As a result of his deaths, the deaths of his loved ones, the demonic contract he has, being tortured that one time in Shirotsume, his general feeling of not quite fitting in, losing his short-lived guild, and other unfortunate events throughout his life even recently, Theo has developed something of a severe depression. He had dark places that he hid before, but now they are much deeper and harder to deal with. Maintaining his goofy persona is a must for not only himself but to keep others from noticing, but when the exterior cracks, he might just fall apart. If he can make others laugh and not think too hard, he might just be able to survive.

    Where he was once blindly heroic and fully embracing of his old Rising Star title, Theo has fallen a bit. Perhaps in his trauma, he's returned to what he knows, where he's comfortable. Hunt the treasure, do and take what makes you happy, and don't put yourself out there to be mangled again. He thinks he's cursed, so he attempts to stay as far away as he can to protect anyone he feels any closeness to, but he's also too selfish and lonely to truly stay away. The best he can do is try to stay in their outer orbits while staying just out of reach. This applies to what few friends he has as well as his biological parents he recently 'reunited' with. It's a dangerous and stressful game he desperately wishes he could stop playing, but there aren't any solutions to be found.

    Most recently, Theo has also found that the power of The Demon seems to be waning. Since the demonic entity is all that stands between him and death, this has taken a horrific toll on his health and strength. When the demon has been able to charge up, Theo is basically healthy, but when the evil batteries start running low, his heart and nervous system suffer. His skills as a mage have also suffered due to The Demon's weakening.

    Hopefully he can find fixes to all of these things before it's too late...


    Treasure/ shiny things: Theo is absolutely obsessed with anything that has worth, especially things that glitter and shine.

    Sweets: He is rarely seen traveling without a lollipop or some sort sweet packed away somewhere on his person. It provides some sort of comfort when he's upset.

    Sleep: He's a habitual oversleeper who can probably snooze through the end of the world. If woken up earlier than his normal, he’s minimally functional and beast-like.


    Thieves: Though at times he might be one depending on the situation, he despises those that take things specifically from him or someone he cares about. A little hypocritical, but what can you do?

    Spicy Food: He will turn into a toddler if the least bit of heat from spice hits his tongue.

    Pain: Though his scars prove he's endured quite a bit of it, he still hates it. He's had his fair share and then some.


    Riches: Theo craves things of worth as well as the thrill behind the adventure to get them. Once he has them he is reluctant to let go, as if the treasure itself gives him his worth.

    Pain: He is weak to it, meaning the threat of it is a powerful motivator to do things that will keep it from happening.

    Relationships: Any sort of sustainable relationship was difficult for a treasure hunter/mercenary with others of his kind. There was no loyalty or trust, most double-crossing to get what they want. Theo doesn't enjoy being alone and uncared for.


    Worthlessness: To be forgotten or left behind by others, as he often is, makes him feel as though he is worth nothing. But you never see anyone forgetting a rich man, right? It sounds superficial, but even being paid to do jobs gives him enough worth to keep going in life, though he strives for more.

    Loneliness: The idea that he could live his whole life without anyone to share his ups and downs with is horrifying. And it's this fear that makes it hard to isolate himself and keep those he cares about safe.

    Darkness: He's literally terrified of the dark. He's uneasy in darkness that has enough light for him to see a little, but if it's pitch black, the fear takes over. A very unfortunate phobia for someone who searches caves and ruins for treasure.

    General Appearance:

    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 167lbs
    Hair: Dark
    Eyes: Ice blue or gold
    Skin Tone: Light or tanned

    The Demon:

    Guild: Silver Wolf
    Tattoo: Forearm
    Tattoo Color: Gold

    Faction: The Luminous Covenant
    Chapter: Desierto


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    Post by Medeia 21st April 2022, 4:21 am


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