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    Esper, Pyromancy discipline


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    Esper, Pyromancy discipline Empty Esper, Pyromancy discipline

    Post by Kreig 17th April 2022, 1:36 am


    Magic Name: Esper, Pyromancy discipline
    Magic Type: Combat arts solitary benefit(75% to melee damage, replacing all of mana with SP)
    Description: Being considered a class four esper from peregrade, Duke doesn’t really expect a lot from his abilities or himself. However after his quite literal trial by fire, he has found his own abilities have seemed to have been ignited, now slowly growing and understanding his own limits. Specifically, while esper’s are capable of a large variety of powers and abilities similar to magic, Duke’s abilities mainly revolve around pyromancy. Causing flames to spontaneously combust in the air and manipulating fire itself, these basic principles allow for an incredible variety of techniques.

    Duke prefers to utilize his esper abilities by utility, using his flames to aid in movement and everyday necessities like cooking and heating. However, if forced into a fight, he will attempt to overwhelm his foes with fire before they have a chance to properly defend themselves, hoping to convince them a fight is not worth it. If forced into a prolonged fight, he will shift gears, trying to set up traps and ambushes leaving an opponent vulnerable to a hopefully battle winning blow.


    Unique Abilities:
    • Pyromancy Novice: The user gains a user rank passive buff to strength and technique speed maxing out at S-rank. Their basic knowledge of pyromancy allows them to suffer no ill effects from fire both natural and from their own techniques.
    • Ability 2:
    • Ability 3:


    Signature and passive spells:

    C-rank spells:

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