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    ❂ vassal of leilani ❂ Empty ❂ vassal of leilani ❂

    Post by estelle 13th April 2022, 5:39 pm

    ❂ vassal of leilani ❂ Z4JOwl3

    ❂ Resting on one of the plump cushions that rested on the floor of her children's room, the matron of dragons would softly smile as she would undo her hair from its braided state, causing the orange and blue curls to cascade down her back. It was an hour past sunset in the streets of Lavanitir which meant it was now time for Estelle to tuck her children into bed- and upon doing so, she would allude to telling them their nightly bedtime story.

    "Mama, tell us a bedtime story!" the eldest of the two sons would rest his head upon his pillows, looking up at his mom across the room with his eyes concealed by his disheveled white hair.

    "I wannaba know mama!" the younger of the brothers would follow, his speech slurred as he would already begin to fall asleep; he was also quite young, unable to form complete and coherent sentences on his own just yet.

    Though Estelle had spent a long-feeling eleven years of her life taking on those dedicated to the lifestyle of darkness and despair, it was quite a surprise to her acquaintances when they would learn that her two sons had no idea of her mercenary-like activities and tendencies outside of the bedtime stories she would tell them at night. While it was difficult for her not to share with her children her rather bloody past time of work, she felt it would be the best she could do to preserve their livelihood and childhood innocence; they did not need to know that their mother spent most of her time at work slaughtering those that made the choice to take on the world in a manner of darkness despite how it made her a hero, and though she knew it would make them happy and starry-eyed toward her, she knew it would also lead them down a dangerous path if they were to follow in their mother's footsteps. But what better way is there to tell your children about your life, full of danger and despair, than telling them it in the form of a bedtime story- consisting of heroes, villains, and prosperous happy endings?

    "Well tonight," the ginger-haired matron would look at both of her children, cradling one of her baby dragons in her arms as the other two would sit on either of her shoulders, "..you will both learn of the story of Leilani Odawa, the divine priestess of the Draconic Mt. Hakobe Snow Tribe- and the hero that brought her reign of terror to an end."

    Elated with excitement, both of the children would look at each other with bright smiles as they would become eager to hear the story- unknowing that this story would be an account of one of their mother's past epic journies. Pointing toward one of the maps that had been framed on their wall years before they had both been born, Estelle would direct their gaze to look upon the peaks of the Hakobe Mountain ranges, leading them to what would appear to be a small plateau. This would be where the story had taken place almost three years prior to this night- though her face would remain rather still, it felt good to the now-retired assassin of good to finally tell her children about this dragon-ridden adventure, even if she wasn't fully telling the truth regarding just who the hero was that brought the white-haired priestess to her demise.

    "Once upon a time, there was a beautiful white-haired priestess that lived upon a plateau on top of the Hakobe Mountains alongside the rest of her tribe. Dedicated to the worship of the Elder Dragons, the same ones that our family just so happens to assist within Drakudar, she was seen as a goddess of the dragons despite her unholy acts- she was a brutal killer and would take the dragons under her control by force, having the ability to captivate nearly anyone she would face off against by her beauty and confidence in battle. A woman of dark desires, she would seek to take control of the world just as she did the tribe she inherited by blood, and just nearly did so... she joined the guild of Basilisk Fang to make herself stronger by surrounding herself with terrible people, and though she wished for the world to remain pure just as our family does, her methods of doing so were wretched- which would lead her to be sought after by the good guys, the people that truly wanted peace in the world, in order to place her in a non-magical tower to never return back to the world's horizon ontop of her dragons."

    "Though Leilani was unable to make it past Fiore's borders to release her endless waves of draconic destruction, at the time she had almost taken control of the entire mountain range her tribe called home- it wasn't hard to take control of those mountains due to the number of terrible people that lived in all of its parts, however. But she wanted more."

    "Luckily for the people of Fiore, a hero emerged and publically claimed to wish to fulfill the old council's desires to take care of this target- but, unsatisfied with what they wished to do to this criminal, she wished to take Leilani's last breath and feed her to her dragons. The hero's name was... Rennala Von Germonotti, and similar to the priestess Leilani, had also managed to befriend the Elder Dragons- commanding a single white dragon named Drogon, the hero had set out on a violent and motive-driven journey in order to locate and kill the evil priestess. Taking to the snowy mountains, which had been housing one of the darkest and dreariest blizzards the mountains had seen in almost ten years, Rennala was on her way to perform what she had believed to be one of the only ways to save humanity from meeting its ruin- and though she would have been taken care of one day regardless, she would soon be successful in her endeavors."

    "Well, what happened next mama," Elias, her eldest son, would curiously begin to ask his mother as she would take a break in speaking, "..did Rennala beat Leilani?"

    While the albino child would remain listening within his grogginess, Jonas, the blue-haired youngin, would be fast asleep- this would cause Estelle to switch her focus to just her eldest child, stroking the back of her smallest dragon as it would also begin to sleep.

    "Yes, Rennala did slay Leilani- after a colossal dragon fight, her one dragon against eight of its predecessors. She was able to jump off of the back of Drogon onto the dragon that Leilani was riding and was able to drive a stake right into her heart, causing both of them to fall from the sky- and only leaving one to emerge from the snowy horizon, Rennala, now having an amulet of the dragonic tribe's priestess to prove her victory. Returning back to her home and studying the amulet, Rennala would find that it would allow her to magically take on the appearance of a true draconic priestess, though would morph to appear just as Leilani did within the battle- not dead, not injured, but taking on the appearance quirks of Leilani in full. She was now able to magically turn her hair stark white and let it fall all the way to her feet just as Leilani did, and her eyes would now shine a divine golden color- that is, only while she would wear the amulet around her neck or waist. When she would not, Rennala's appearance would return to what she would appear to the world as- not a villain but a hero, a vanquisher of the darkness. The end..."

    Raising to her feet from the brown plush pillow that would sit on the floor of the children's room, Estelle would gently peek with her dragons under the covers of both of the boys- they would now both be at the beginning of their nightly slumbers, meaning the bedtime story was a success. Tapping the head of one of the baby dragons that sat on her shoulder, she would flip a switch on the wall to gently dim their lights all the way into darkness so they could get the best sleep they could- this would lead her to slowly slip out of their room and shut the door, only to make her way into her living room and pour a large glass of wine into a chalice that just so happened to have a dragon swirling up the bottom all the way to the rim at the top.

    Sighing to herself, she would take a sip of the wine as her dragons would flap their wings over to the giant perch that would sit beside one of the lacrimatech televisions that were mounted on the wall- it would appear to be a giant white tree of sorts, branches spread out just enough to comfortably fit three baby dragons in a variety of different spots. In one of the glass cabinets that resided on the other side of the room would rest a golden medallion on a red and gold chain- it would appear to form the shape of a dragon and a star, catching the gaze of Estelle as she would now finish her alcoholic beverage. It would be the vassal of Leilani Odawa, the living proof of the murder of the draconic tribal chief and priestess- perhaps one day Estelle would need to use the amulet to take on the appearance of the dead rival dragon commander, but since then, she has found no use for such magic.

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