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    To Other Lands Beyond


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    To Other Lands Beyond Empty To Other Lands Beyond

    Post by Willow 7th April 2022, 9:24 pm

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    The call came from the clerk working behind the window. It had been a busy day, which was remarkable considering the state of the continent. Borders had been closed across most of the nations, as war began its quick march into violence and chaos. Fiore was once such nation, disallowing travelers from beyond its borders unless given special permission from the Magic Council or other elected officials. And yet people were still lining up wanting to get their passports. Most likely it was people afraid of the war coming to Fiore’s lands and they wanted to have the means to get out without complications.

    The man sighed as he watched the next customer approaching. But before he could arrive, another woman stepped forward. A blue-haired, lithe woman who was bearing what looked to be a bikini top and shorts stepped in the way and decided it was her next turn. “Uh ma’am, he was next in line--”

    “He can wait. Here, I’ll give ya something to stare at in the meantime,” Willow remarked, making a point of leaning on her elbows on the frame of the protective window and thrusting out her shapely rear. Surprisingly, that seemed to halt the man in his steps, deciding that ogling the Xocili was a better use of his time, especially when he had been given such exclusive permission.

    The clerk raised a questioning brow but given that no arguments were being made, he decided to let it go. He wasn’t paid enough to intervene anyways. “Are you here for a passport?”

    “Yeah, one of those paper things that lets me travel to other places,” Willow said with a nod.

    “Due to the ongoing conflict in Ishgar, the following nations have closed their borders and you will not be permitted entry,” the man monologued, as he pointed to a piece of paper that was hanging in the window. “Doing so will be considered a crime and you can be arrested or possibly harmed. Fiore will not intervene in the arrests of citizens that intentionally and willfully travel to nations that are considered hostile and enemies of the state. Should you be discovered to have traveled to an enemy nation and returned, you will be arrested by the Rune Knights and placed in holding until your innocence can be verified in which case a fine or lawsuit may be brought against you.”

    “Sounds kinky,” Willow said with a grin as she scanned over the list. “You need anything from me?”

    “Name and guild affiliation.”

    “Willow and none. I ain’t part of no fancy guild or nothin’. At least, not yet.”

    The man shrugged as he typed up the information into his computer. After a moment he printed off the passport and slid it through the window. “Have a nice day!”

    “You too, cutie. All yours, darlin’,” she said to the man behind her, waving him on. With the passport in hand, that gave her an easy means to travel across the continent to certain nations. More access to information and helping her further her agenda. Smirking wickedly, Willow marched out the door to her next destination.

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