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    Akira's Magic & Summons


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    Completed Akira's Magic & Summons

    Post by Jjm239 28th March 2022, 7:03 pm


    Magic Name: Stories of the World
    Magic Type: Summoning (primary)/ Holder (auxiliary)
    Description: A combination of ancient and summoning magics, Akira came across the manifestation of this magic through research and happenstance. All it took was time in a hidden library, once upon a time, and the need, whether compelled or voluntary, to read every single word upon every single page. Once he finished every book, one page remained as it all faded away from existence, leaving only the magic of each story behind for the mage to use.

    Using the single sheet of paper as described above, Akira summons forth a large leather-bound tome filled with an unknown but finite number of pages, accompanied by a floating book stand; this allows him to be mobile in combat if and where necessary. Through the pages of this book, Akira is able to summon a specific number of warriors, creatures, monsters and etcetera to serve him.

    The strengths are determined by who and what is summoned, ranging from skilled warriors to something as strong as a dragon. However, the weaknesses are directly linked to Akira’s physical and mental state. A shaky confidence can make a warrior back down; an injured arm or leg can lame whatever is summoned. Additionally, interrupting a summon will cause it to be incomplete, missing armor, weapons, or abilities that would normally be possessed.

    All summons are based on known stories.
    Unique Abilities:
    • Ability 1: All characters summoned by Akira are linked. They can see what the others see, allowing for more predictive movements. This ability becomes limited as MP drops, leaving only a telepathic link at 25% MP, which improves as Rank goes up.
    • Ability 2: to be unlocked
    • Ability 3: to be unlocked

    Spell 1

    Name: Turn the Page
    Rank: D
    Duration: 1 post
    Description: Provides a moderate MP Regen boost and small HP healing; Akira achieves this by flipping through multiple pages of his book, and a subtle green aura frames his body in the midst of it. He can only use this on himself. Interrupting it is possible, however it reduces the HP healing effect while canceling out the MP Regen.

    Spell 2

    Name: Sir Lancelot of the Round Table
    Rank: D+
    Grade: Normal
    Linked Equipment:
    Melee Damage: 7
    Summon HP: 75
    Range: 25m
    Speed: 45m/s
    Duration: Lancelot lasts as long as his HP holds out or as long as Akira’s MP holds out; he takes one post to summon using the phrase, “Lancelot of the Lake, Knight of the Round Table, your master calls you forth! Long live the King!”
    Downside: n/a
    Description: Sir Lancelot du Lac is one of the many fabled Knights of the Round Table, headed by King Arthur. His skill with a sword is often unmatched, besting many in jousting and duels. He was also known for his intelligence and charm.

    His persona is the exact same when summoned by Akira, and they work together as a team. In fact, Akira has always leaned on the use of Lancelot for many of his battles and is a consistent companion, the summoned warrior acting most on his own as he is the more seasoned in combat.

    As expected of a Knight of the Round Table, he is summoned with two steel scimitars, wearing a combination of a chainmail outfit with leather boots, jerkin and gloves, the last of which worn with a pair of steel gauntlets to further protect his wrists. Upon his chest is emblazoned the coat of arms of the Round Table: a simple blue background with three lions.
    Ability 1:

    Ability 2:
    Name: Svalinn
    Rank: D
    Grade: Normal
    Linked Equipment:
    Melee Damage: 5
    Summon HP: 75
    Range: 5m
    Speed: 15m/s
    Duration: Svalinn lasts as long as his HP holds out or as long as Akira’s MP holds out; he takes one post to summon using the phrase, “Svalinn, stor kriger, ta ditt skjold og øks til min tjeneste! Måtte Valhall brøle av glede mens du kjemper!
    ” (“Svalinn, great warrior, take your shield and axe to my service! May Valhalla roar with joy as you battle!”)
    Downside: Sacrifices range and speed for HP.
    Description: Svalinn is actually the name for the shield and not its bearer. In old Norse mythology, Svalinn is the shield that protects the Earth from the brutal heat and light of the sun. Akira came about this story while in the ethereal library where he found his Stories of the World summoning magic.

    As such, Svalinn is the shield to Lancelot’s sword, standing to protect Akira from any attacks to pierce through Lancelot’s defensive capabilities as a summon. Between the two warriors, there is a steady respect, and they feed off each other’s knowledge and experience, as well as taking advantage of Akira’s abilities to connect their thoughts and wills as one.

    Svalinn is summoned bearing a simple Viking-style handaxe and wearing similar armour to Lancelot, minus the gauntlets and adding a helm of leather covering a steel shell. His shield is his greatest strength, the size of a Spartan standard shield and made of wood with metal and leather banding to reinforce its sturdiness. Upon its center is a painted sun, representative of Svalinn’s story origins: the shield that stands to protect the very Earth from the harshness of the Sun.
    Ability 1:

    Ability 2:

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