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    Declawing a Tiger

    Odhran Aegisbane
    Odhran Aegisbane

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    Declawing a Tiger Empty Declawing a Tiger

    Post by Odhran Aegisbane Mon 14 Mar 2022 - 20:17

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    Ace of Spades was certainly a strange town. Mainly for the name, Odhran thought. Nonetheless, it was one of the nearest cities to the inn that Plumed Serpent called its home, so there was little reason not to go to it. Especially with the existence of Sabertooth, and the historic legal guild's master being someone Odhran was... mildly acquainted with. The two of them spent time in the same group at the Ishgar Symposium, alongside the twins and the other guy. The guild master seemed a decent person, if nowhere near as good at everything compared to Odhran, so why not go and visit? He already had a brawl with the guild master of one other guild, the Wizard Saint Leona Jarnefeldt of Silver Wolf, so why not aim for another?

    The walk Odhran took to Ace of Spades went with little issue, absolutely nothing out of the ordinary save for the small child that attempted to shoot a laser at him. Upon arriving in the home of Sabertooth, Odhran looked around, attempting to see if he could spot the guildmaster.

    "Damn, no sign of... Kenneth? Kassandra? Keith?"

    "I believe her name was Kenna," Emperor calmly stated with a nod.

    "Right, Kenneth. This is the place where Sabertooth is located, right?"

    "Indeed. Ace of Spades, home of Sabertooth. I am shocked you have not been more astute to this, considering the location of the guild hall."

    Odhran shrugged. "It's just where the Monkey happened to be. That said, I suppose I should be a bit more wary if a legal guild of this stature is so nearby to our base. A majority of other dark guilds are a bit out of the way, and... well, I mean, we are too, but just in a different way. Errings Rising has their little castle, Elysium was all the way out in Sin, and we're in a pocket dimension hidden in a run down tavern between Crocus and Ace of Spades. Nothing wrong with any of those."

    "I never implied there was anything wrong, sir."

    "No, but you were thinking it."

    Emperor sighed. "Apologies," he said unapologetically.

    "Now then. If I were a guild master, where would I be..." Odhran mused, taking a cross legged sear on the ground.

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    Declawing a Tiger Empty Re: Declawing a Tiger

    Post by Aura Wed 16 Mar 2022 - 19:30

    "Protecting what's hers, that's where!" Kenna growled angrily, appearing from virtually thin air before Odhran. As soon as Yggdrasil had notified her of the larger, unknown magic signature entering Ace of Spades she'd taken to investigating herself. Normally just a quick glance would be enough to undo any lingering suspicions and let her return to her original job, but the moment she'd recognised Odhran... well, safe to say, Kenna had taken it personally. The guildmaster had all but forgotten what had happened in Joya, and subsequently Silagrad afterwards. Her having been lumped together with the bastard and his twin horrors, and having to go through the Pergrandian 'hospitality' offered to her after being suspected of being one of many culprits still left a sour taste in her mouth. And with it, mayhaps a budding grudge she was very intent on repaying. That did not mean however that she was willing to go all out in the middle of town and involve even more innocent lives in the matter, however, which was the only reason she just appeared and did not immediately turn on the offensive.

    Astaroth stirred around her neck, hissing quietly at Odhran as Kenna placed herself in front of him, roughly 30 feet left between them, allowing the small lizard to coil itself around her. He would grow rapidly, until he'd taken the form of a large black dragon, who's growl rumbled through the sky like a distant thunderstorm. "Curious to see you here, Odhran... you'd think you were aware you're not welcome here, considering," she gestured a "you know why", not planning on dirtying too many words on recounting the Felidae tragedy, which she was sure he was going to use one way or another. To boast of his guild's grandeur, or to rub her failure in her face, she figured.

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