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    Illegal Item Trafficking


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    Illegal Item Trafficking  Empty Illegal Item Trafficking

    Post by Nadarr 10th March 2022, 8:21 am

    Odeila would be walking through motor city a package in hand. She didn't I know exactly what was inside of the package or what it is even did said she needed to deliver it. He wondered why the captain even cared about an underground race but then again it was lost on her. The one thing she did know it's he stood out like a sore thumb in the city. Her main style of dress wasn't exactly fixed for someone who would blend in in this city of mechanics. But it was what it was and she was already here so there was no point in worrying about it all you had to do was get this for the underground Raceway. She knew exactly what you was going given explicit directions but how to get there from her superiors however they stressed that she was not to be followed and or bring the police there are there any circumstances which made enough sense to her. Do to how she looked this maybe a bigger problem than she had originally thought. This would prevent a problem sooner than she expected as she wasn't one to skulk around in alleyways. And she would walk carrying the package two officers would approach her looking her over.

    "Problem Officers?' She would ask with a smile on her face as normal. To her nothing was wrong yet as she looked over the officers who were looking over her waiting for them to speak figuring this was some sort of intimidation tactic. Eventually one begin to speak up "Are you new here we haven't seen you around I'm sure we would remember someone that looks like you?" They spoke looking down at at her as she tilted her head slightly.

    "As a matter of fact I am very new to the city. I have never been here before in my life." She said speaking honestly to the officers no. She had him a big meal before and to her it was a very odd place. Once again the off to spoke up " where are you heading then do you need help?" He what ask stepping a little bit closer to her. She wouldn't move however she would just look at him still smiling giving a small giggle.

    "No officer I was given very good direction of where I need to go thank you for the offer though that was very sweet of you." She said what you looking when the two officers. The one that has been silent up until now finally speaks up looking directly at what she was carrying in her hand. " what do you have the package there?" He asked looking directly at the wrap up boxes she was carrying. She would pause tilting her head.

    "You know I don't really know what's in the box, truth be told I'm kind of doing this as a favor to someone they asked me to deliberate on their behalf because they were busy. They stress its importance in I was heading this way anyway so I offered to deliver it for them so I really don't know what its contents are but I assure you it's nothing bad probably just I'm parked to a vehicle or something like that." She spoke in a cute and called voice such a way that wouldn't draw their ire. Eventually they looked at her look back at the box and then I each other they gave a deep sigh shaking their head. " very well be on your way." They said as she began to walk away give them both a nod and a cute smile. She figured she was allowed to leave since they really had helping to make them to be able to look inside the contents of the box. That suited her just fine as she would start to make her way to the entrance to the underground Raceway.

    Sure she wasn't being followed as she got closer to the entrance she would disappear in a swarm of butterflies and we appear in front of the entrance down in the alley before making her way inside just to make sure any onlookers were the be thoroughly confused. Before opening up a sewer grate and jumping down inside disappearing into the secret entrance to the Raceway. As she got down there there were many vases ready to raise however there seems to be a private auction going on for last-minute parts and gear. She's been doing that is what she was going to rain and approach the stage all eyes on her as she made her way through the crowd. " hello I'm here representing Abyssal Fleet, I have a delivery for you.

    The auctioneer quickly took the item and gave a nod appreciation before he would slowly start to open the box looking it giving a Sinister smile. See how it up and fight him that looks like a golden bullet. He would announce the item was called a golden Nitro that would guarantee triple the speed and you are going on at illegal to make because of the material that it was made out of wasn't available to the public. She didn't really want to stay for the auction part so she turned around and started to make her exit having done to her job and it no longer being the first concern she would need. Ashley was leaving now the last thing she heard was bigs going over one million Jewel Plus. Starting to wonder if it was really that volume old tournament had once more to look at it give me a small truck before leaving glad she wasn't as bad if they're willing to fit over a million jewels for it. Made her wonder why the captain gave it up at all but that wasn't her business for him to have more perhaps a deal was struck he didn't really care to be honest her part was done if she gave me a small smile and decided to head home.


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