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    Lead me Virgil(Demon's den devil's invitation)

    Gladiia Stralken
    Gladiia Stralken

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    Lead me Virgil(Demon's den devil's invitation) Empty Lead me Virgil(Demon's den devil's invitation)

    Post by Gladiia Stralken 6th March 2022, 5:13 am



    A few hours ago…

    "Ms. Stralken?"

    "Yes Sir Mammon?"

    "Good! I hope you had nothing planned today."

    "You scheduled this meeting a week ago?"

    "You would be surprised how unaware people are, any case I’m asking you to follow up on the demon’s den."

    "What about it ser?"

    "After some prying into financial records, I realize that this Demon’s den is incurring a lot more revenue than what should be possible for their line of business. Along with the manager’s demonic nature, there is clearly more here than meets the eye. I want you to infiltrate a Demon’s Den club at Rose Garden to find out more information."

    "If you don’t mind me prying ser, you mentioned the last time we spoke about this that you may know them. What was their former relationship with you?"

    "Unimportant, just know that using a club as a front can be potentially bad. Especially since they're likely to view the Plumed Serpent guild as a rival."

    "A rival dark guild?"

    "Only speculation, but that’s why you're being sent there. We need to know what kind of business they are hiding before we act."

    "Understood ser."

    Nighttime in Rose Garden…

    Gladiia regrettably did not have a clean way of getting into this Demon’s Den. For starters the club was a two story building with most certainly a basement. And the crowd of people waiting on the outside to get in told her just how much security there was waiting for her to get through. Even with a plain clothes disguise, she didn’t stand too much of a chance if they saw her. The devil manager getting away last time would have likely tipped them off of a possible intruder. Still, with the club as hot as it is there was a bound to have some windows open. Gladiia would find her opening in the alley on the side, a 2nd story window was slightly ajar, just enough to let the wind in. How thoughtful of them.

    The 2nd story was mildly crowded with people, not as crowded as she would have liked but improvisation was always her strong point. As she entered with a burst of wind she twirled over to a group of three men. Her sudden appearance was welcomed by the three shorter men, and Gladiia found herself caught in conversation. She laughed and allowed one of the men to twirl her around before she did the same, though she spun him with a little more strength causing him to hold onto the table for balance. The two others laughed and hollered as she snagged a couple of their glow stick decorations. 

    She made her way downstairs to the main party floor, and the rave was in full swing! Dancers occupied the main part of the floor as greens and violets flashed across the room. Gladiia stayed on the side with others in seats enjoying the night, the smell of sweet alcohol mixed with sweat and body odor. She wished sometimes that her smell wasn’t as good as it was. Suddenly the music stopped and the lights disappeared, the crowd shouted their confusion. 

    They weren’t in confusion for long though, pink lights lit up the area as there was a focus where the DJ was at. Next to the DJ in plastic devil horns was a blond man in a red suit in sunglasses, he had the microphone in hand and shouted out, “HOW WE DOOOOOIIIIIIIIING?!” The crowd cheered out their answer, and the man laughed in response, “Good deal folks! We got a request tonight here at the Demon’s Den for this next one, please remember at the bar we got some drinks to soothe you from having-” He purposely stopped with a cue to the DJ, with the new song blaring out, Having pink nightmares.

    The floor turned pink with various shades of red as the group continued their dance. Gladiia felt drawn to the crowd as they danced and vibed, but she had a job to accomplish. Seeing there was nothing of interest, she decided to head to the bar to figure out if she could spot anything. The bar glowed with neon pink, the bartender with a deep sultry voice greeted her.

    “How you doing girl? Looking for something to help you sleep through tonight?” He asked with a smile and a wink.

    “And sleep through this fun? You're mad! Get me something to keep me going all night!” she joked back. 

    The bartender ducked beneath the bar quickly to grab a glass. While in full view, he added lemon and strawberry juice, along with a demon’s den brand alcohol. The mix made it all come together in a blood red tint as it swirled ominously. 

    “The screaming red zombie, it will certainly let you enjoy tonight.” He said as moving the drink over to Gladiia. She handed him some jewels which he scooped up in one quick motion before moving onto the next patron. She turned back around to inspect the scene around her, taking a sip of the drink as she figured out her next move. Her move suddenly presented itself, a couple of swinging doors labeled “STAFF” spoke to her. And not a moment too soon, in the opposite direction she spotted one red suited gentleman coming towards her, and he was not a raver. With one more sip, she quickly was off her feet and moving. Going through the crowd was not an easy task, and soon found herself lost within it. 

    The crowd and lights were not helping her senses, everything was devolving around her. And her ears rang with such a temper! She would call herself drunk except she only had two sips…unless. Realizing what was going on too late, she felt someone grab her arms and usher her in a direction, feeling too weak and jelly-like to actually fight back. The last thing she remembered was seeing the neon staff sign above her.

    She was in darkness, a familiar darkness to her though she could not place how. She tried to look around but their was nothing. No more shaking in your boots dear, the voice said aloud all around her. She knew she should acknowledge it but her body wouldn’t budge. Gladiia then felt warmth, looking at her arm she could actually see it now, along with a black gloved hand. It moved her hand to her chest, and she heard the voice again, now next to her. A hunter must hunt.

    She suddenly awoke, disoriented as she tried to make sense of the dull light around her. Gladiia looked down at her hands, noticing one covered in pitch black before receding. Did I do that? She didn’t have time to wonder too much though, the sound of chains caught her attention. She watched as her cell opened up and a scaly humanoid came in. Red long curved horns, black fur all over with elephant feet as it stomped towards her, long tongue dripping with saliva as it came forward with malicious intent. It grabbed Gladiia roughly with long sharp talons on each hand as it held her firmly, a feat since the thing was 4 inches shorter than her. Well, that’s only because she let the damnable creature do so. 

    Standing her up as she offered no resistance nor cooperation, it appeared to try to drape her over its shoulder. Gladiia being face to face with the eyeless monstrosity breathed a torrent of hot holy steam into its face. Sizzling could be heard as the thing let out an unearthly below, which she ended by promptly shoving a steam ball into its face. The ball melted into its head, causing it to fall dead. She couldn’t rest though, she could hear footsteps and they were racing fast. She ran in the opposite direction, and with a quickened dash she disappeared like the wind. Not stopping, she followed the old cobblestone pathway further, only stopping when she saw the entrance open up to a larger area. She peered into it, noticing it to be some kind of garage. 

    What she saw made her frown, a burning sensation in her gut. Some ravers who were likely drugged the same way she was were in a pile haphazardly; two frog-like demons stood on each side of the pile. It appeared to be a sorting pile, as another demon, much like the first one that she killed, pulled a partier from the pile and brought them over to a grinder. She could guess what happened next; head first, the man’s body only spasmed as a gurgling could be heard before the sound of bones grinding and flesh ripping filled the air. She watched as out two pipes further away came blood pouring into a collection bin below. From this, what she could only describe as an imp stirred the collected blood and poured it into jars with it’s spoon. She counted four demons total, enough she could handle.

    Six was too much though, the two bird headed humanoids added to the previous count as they caught up to her from behind, squawking an alarm. All turned to face the direction, but would find it difficult to see as a thick cloud of steam rolled out from the hallway filling up a good half of the room. Gladiia moved with a vicious streak, turning to the wind as she passed through the two bird demons before slamming a twister behind them, both being sent spiraling out of the hallway as they collided into the meat grinder causing a big clash. The frog demons croaked aloud an alarm as they searched for the intruder, both would find her. 

    Their heads popped as steam bullets hit them squarely, gladiia’s eyes glowed visibly red. She never knew what to call this, but it appeared too when she first joined the Plumed serpent. She seemed to know where to hit the hardest on demons. Very unfortunate about the hairy demon's face then, it was so easily punchable. She slammed into it with her fist…and promptly regretted it. She smashed a horn but also her fingers, her right hand was throbbing. The demon recovered quickly, with sharp talons it aimed for a sweeping strike. Gladiia disappeared in a torrent of wind, managing to recover the demon’s broken horn in her retreat. Wielding it like a dagger, she closed the distance with another burst of wind and struck from behind it at its neck, covering herself in it’s blood. 

    She sighed surveying the wreckage around her, 5 dead demons around her and a pile of passed out people. She felt her hand, casting it in a soothing steam cloud as she massaged it. Suddenly something clasped onto her leg, razor sharp teeth pierced the skin as blood dripped onto the floor. She kicked at devil number 6, and in anger sent it flying with a twister punch. Apparently she picked up some wreckage with it as she heard a loud crash into sheet metal, the outside lights now visible to her as she looked from inside.

    “Imps tend to be vicious like that, you have to keep a close eye on them you know?” She spun to the source of the voice, the blond man with sunglasses! Though with a flash of passing lights, red crimson orbs were revealed underneath. “Now, what does the Plumed Serpent want with us?”


    “Yes girl, I am more than capable of looking through your feeble mind as easily as it was for you to mow through the lesser’s here. Tell me, are you a demon slayer?”

    “I am capable of killing demonic creatures, yes.”

    “Ooo, you speak politely but you want my head on a pike.”

    “I tend to want that for uninvited guests in my head.”

    “Hah! We can both agree on that point.” He smiled, then with both hands conjured two walls of flames lining Gladiia on both sides, she reflexively flinched from the sudden appearance. The man laughed as he stepped through the flames unharmed across from her. 

    “Despite the trouble you have caused me, I think you will make a fine hell’s cauldron! I certainly will have to keep it reserved for myself after we squeeze the last drop of blood from you.” A rising siren could be heard even over the roaring of the flames. He frowned at the realization, “If you and mammon were smart, you would stay out of our business and out of sight.” He warned, then left through a portal of the flames as they began to die down.


    “Yes sir, I was a party goer at the demon’s den before finding myself in that building- yes that one.” Gladiia pointed to the abandoned garage for the rune knight. The small group became larger as they had shut down the demon’s den club, most of the staff were never found, and the few that remained were unaware of the club’s true nature. Gladiia despite her wounds stuck around to ensure there was one positive retelling of the events, and to ensure the party goers were kept safe. She was very fortunate she had reason to bandage her hand, no doubt she would have been a suspect otherwise. After answering their questions, she left the scene despite them wanting her to stay put, coming up with an excuse. As she conjured a portal in an alley puddle, she already knew this mission, while completed, was sloppy. And Mammon would not be happy.

    WC: 2248

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