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    Delivery to a New? place


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    Delivery to a New? place Empty Delivery to a New? place

    Post by Masha Tue 1 Mar - 22:10

    Masha could feel the dimension warping capacity of the shards through the protective containers. She shivered, remembering she'd contemplated messing with these things. They'd been embedded in one of her test subjects. If Masha speculated, she knew what had caused the growths. Her magic had strange side effects. Something she'd like to study in depth at some point. For now, she wanted to safely dispose of these crystals. Her mind wandered back to that fateful moment.

    Giovanni had waddled his way into her lab. Masha had left the crystals on a low table after removing them. Deep inside her own head, the redhead hadn't noticed her son. The tyke had pulled on the edge of the table. The crystals rocked together, vibrating dangerously. The shards of space-time or whatever they were made of, let off a high pitched screech. Masha turned to see Giovanni fall flat on his back. The shards rolled toward the edge of the table. Seizing her magic, Masha barely managed to teleport them both from the room. An explosion rocked the lab moments later. Masha had spent an hour assuring herself that Giovanni hadn't been hurt in any way. Returning to her lab made Masha want to vomit. The crystals had torn and warped the space. Crystalline growths covered the inside. Most of the growths weakly resonated with dimensional energy. The originals hung suspended in the middle of the chaos, completely untouched. She'd known then they had to go.

    Masha patted the containers holding the crystals. Intensive research and her own magic were intertwined in the creation of these beauties. They could contain dimensional explosions. A special variation could even shunt the explosion out of this dimension. Masha had discovered a beautiful jewel during her research too. A guild that specialized in defending the stability of the dimension called Sabertooth. The name resonated with the redhead for some reason. Several faces, completely fuzzy, floated across her memory. Something about a key made her blush hard, her thighs rubbing together. It made the redhead happy. At some point in her past, Masha must have known people in Sabertooth. Those people must have been close to her, otherwise the block on her memories wouldn't let so much as a trickle through. So the slayer hummed happily to herself as she pushed the cart toward Ace of Spades.

    The scientist in Masha pushed to study the crystals just one more time. That part of her convinced itself that one last look would unlock the secrets of the things. Masha refused to listen as she pushed the cart through the doors. She'd set up an appointment for delivering these things. Since there existed a heavy probability that her magic produced these things, Masha hoped to set up a regular delivery. There wouldn't be any telling how often she'd encounter them but she'd rather be safe than sorry. "Hello?" She called into the tavern. "I'm hoping to meet an Ace or Guild master of Sabertooth? I made an appointment like a day or two ago. Masha Dymonrel?" The redhead hadn't even checked if there was anyone in the tavern before the words spilled from her mouth. It hadn't even crossed her mind to do so.

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    Delivery to a New? place Keymasha

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