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    Synaptic Network

    Knight Owl
    Knight Owl

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    Synaptic Network Empty Synaptic Network

    Post by Knight Owl 25th February 2022, 3:54 am

    Synaptic Network

    As Michael started his journey on discovering his true self, he will begin to regain a bit of his memories. He already began remembering bits and pieces of his past self that has melded together with the person who he is today. Just as he is able to remember memories, he is able to recall his potential as an esper and the abilities he possessed prior to the trauma he experienced that caused his memory loss.

    The Synaptic Network of his brain allows him to store more psionic energies and let his psychokinetic powers move faster due to his lineage as an esper. Though he awoke during that incident to find his memories missing, his everyday pursuit to overcome obstacles and remember his identity has allowed him to transcend his limits and become a powerful esper.

    Primary Stat I 310% passive PSI buff Secondary Stat I 170% passive technique speed buff

    Synaptic Network I:
    Synaptic Network II:
    Synaptic Network III:
    Synaptic Network IV:



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    Post by Medeia 26th February 2022, 4:51 am


    Synaptic Network QlhAT3Z


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