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    Post by Cetus 21st February 2022, 5:05 pm


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    Long ago, demons, gods, and dragons roamed the land freely, fighting each other in a series of fierce conflicts for dominance over the lands today known as Fiore. Though demons were eventually driven back to their own domain they sought to expand from, they left behind a variety of equipment, artifacts from the wars they waged on Earthland. One such piece is a fragment of an armor, a gauntlet imbued with the infernal power of demons. Though it has since lost its protective qualities as a portion of an armor set, it still holds some residual power that allows for control over the flames and darkness of Hell.

    Daemonclaw YKEyJZW


    Name: Umbral Grasp
    Rank: User Rank (Up to B)
    Category: Auxiliary
    Type: Passive
    Description: The user benefits from the residual power left behind by the demon this piece once belonged to, increasing their Spell Damage by a user rank passive buff.

    Name: Infernal Power
    Rank: User Rank Advanced (Up to B+)
    Category: Auxiliary
    Type: Passive
    Description: Imbued with demonic power, the gauntlet once served through some of the most devastating wars in Earthland's history, and it has served its owner well. Imbued with residual magic, the user benefits from a user rank advanced passive increase to MP.

    Name: Hell's Protection
    Rank: User Rank (Up to B)
    Category: Defensive
    Type: Burst - Buff, Anti-Piercing
    Durability: User Rank Burst Durability (x1)
    Range: User Rank Burst Range
    Speed: User Rank Burst Speed
    Duration: User Rank Max
    Description: With a motion of their hand, the user can call upon the demonic darkness left within this gauntlet, the fires of hell rising up from within to protect the user. This increases the user's Spell Durability by a user rank active buff for the duration of this ability. At once, a wall of flame appears around the user, spreading out to the ability's range around them at the ability's speed, persisting in place once summoned. The flames act as a shield around the user and any ally in the area covered by the ability, protecting them from damage that seeks to harm them from outside the dome of fire. These flames cannot be pierced by spells containing piercing effects and their durability refreshes once every post for the duration of this ability.


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    Post by Medeia 22nd February 2022, 4:10 am


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