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    Sylvestern Empire - Blood Magic


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    Sylvestern Empire - Blood Magic Empty Sylvestern Empire - Blood Magic

    Post by Yuelsilv 6th February 2022, 11:53 am


    Magic Name: Blood Arts of Scylvestria
    Magic Type: Lost Magic
    By sacrificing blood they have consumed a Vampire of Scylvestria, the coven of Vampire Lords that created many vampires, may call upon the collective Magic powers of their nearest Vampire allies. Nomatter the distance power can be shared through blood ties, and the vampires rule with these Magics

    Lost Blood Arts of the Scylvestrian Empire include compelling, summoning, illusions, transforming, thaumaturgy and bolstering of other magical abilities. In all cases the Vampire must first draw psychic energy from blood in their body, sacrificing health with one for power of many.
    Unique Abilities:
    • Ability 1: Solitary Lost Magic, +3 Post Duration
    • Ability 2:
    • Ability 3:

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