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    Kalama's Collection


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    Kalama's Collection Empty Kalama's Collection

    Post by Kalama 7th January 2022, 6:21 am

    The Force
    Progeny Of Dullahan
    Aegis Of The Equinox
    Barbarian Reaver
    Dwarf Basher
    Dragon Medallion
    Golden Lacrima

    Base Buffs:

    100% Spell speed and range from Progeny Of Dullahan
    50% Spell durability from Aegis Of The Equinox
    30% Spell damage from The Force solitary benefit

    Passive Buffs:

    The Force: 180% spell damage, 180% movement speed, 180% MP, 110% spell durability, 110% spell healing, 50% spell speed, 50% spell range
    Progeny Of Dullahan: 200% spell speed, 100% spell durability, 100% spell damage
    Barbarian Reaver: 190% spell damage
    Dwarf Basher: 90% spell damage

    Total Passive Buffs:

    Spell Damage: 560%
    Spell Speed: 250%
    Spell Durability: 210%
    Movement Speed: 180%
    MP: 180%
    Spell Healing: 110%
    Spell Range: 50%


    Kalama's Collection Xj4ROeo

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