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    Ars Malédiction

    Lance Trystane
    Lance Trystane

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    In Progress Ars Malédiction

    Post by Lance Trystane 30th December 2021, 7:16 pm

    Ars Malédiction Ars_ma10

    Magic Name: Ars Malédiction
    Magic Type: Primary Curse - Auxiliary Combat Arts

    Ars Malédiction – or Cursed Arts – is a unique form of magic. In essence it is nothing more, yet nothing less, than the Ever-Vigil Flame, that keeps plaguing Lance, imposed unto the surrounding reality. If it sounds simple in concept, be not fooled; it is not. Also known as the All-Consuming Flame, the curse manifests as a grey-ish blue fire. Neither hot nor cold to the touch. If left unchecked these flames are capable of untold destruction, which is why whoever wields them must always exercise caution. Besides this offensive aspect, Ars Malédiction, can be used conceptually. By saturating either themselves or the environment with the curse, the wielder can boost the effects the Ever-Vigil Flame has on them or impose curse-like debuffs and other debilitating effects on enemies, respectively.

    For Lance all this translates into close quarters combat. The curse of the Ever-Vigil Flame already manifests as a boost to his physical capabilities and keeping the flames to a smaller range allows for easier control over them so as to prevent them from going berserk. Lance utilizes a fighting style emphasizing on melee combat. Buffs to his strength and speed are accompanied by his expert swordplay and often used teleportation effects to increase mobility. Harder, heavier hits in the form of offensive Techniques and de-buffs to enemies serve to round-out his fighting style.


    • 100% of MP converted to CE.*
    • +25% to Melee Damage - Auxiliary Combat Arts benefit
    • 2 additional signature spells ranking with the user up to S. - Primary Curse benefit
    • 2 additional signature spells ranking with the user up to S. - Lineage
    • 5 additional spell slots. - Lineage
    • 2 extra spell slots. - Won from the holiday raffle.
    • 2 additional user-ranked advanced spell slots, up to S+ and H+. - Lineage

    *Due to his lineage, instead of SP the resource Lance uses is named CE.

    Unique Abilities:

    • Constant: Representing the curse's constant presence whithin him, this ability is a direct effect of the flame on Lance. Designed to not only aid him, but also keep him in battle longer by replenishing his cursed energy. While useful, it is a constant reminder of where his powers come from...and what the price for them is. Lance benefits from a user-ranked buff in Strength, capping at S rank, as well as a 5% CE regen per post. CE being the resource replacing SP for him, according to his lineage.

    • Everlasting: Representing the curse's preserverance, the fact that it will always haunt Lance and it will keep tormenting other people long after he is gone, this ability is low-key sadistic in nature. Designed to increase Lance's health and vitality, such a thing can be seen as the curse keeping him alive, preventing his demise yet prolonging his suffering. Lance benefits from a user-ranked buff to HP, capping at S rank, as well as a 5% HP regen per post. (This Unique Ability is unlocked at B rank.)

    • Despair: Now, revealing any info on this would be a spoiler, wouldn't it? It's far too soon, the 3rd UA unlocks at S rank, after all.

    Signature Spells:


    Advanced Spells:


    Technique Template:

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