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    Laws of the Red


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    Laws of the Red Empty Laws of the Red

    Post by Masha 21st November 2021, 8:01 pm


    Magic Name: Laws of the Red
    Magic Type: Curse Magic (auxiliary)/Mystic Eyes (primary)
    Benefits: Mystic Eyes: Both Unbound Eyes spells gain +2 abilities equal to spell rank.
    Curse Magic: Associated Magic receives 1 additional signature spell equal to the character's rank (Up to S).
    Description: The Red God granted this magic to Masha in return for her memories. Thus she returned. This magic warps the rules of reality as we know them. Everything can be subject to the caster's will with the right application. The caster may also, limitedly, apply their will against the will of others and against that of time or space. A sufficiently strong mage might manage to control others even. Masha uses this magic as she feels however each instance leaves her with a hollow feeling. In addition, this magic is what bind Masha's memories and prevents her from ever recalling things. A blessing that is in fact a curse in disguise.
    Unique Abilities:
    ~Law of Mana: Caster has a 60% passive buff to their MP.
    ~Law of Strength: Caster has a 60% passive buff to Strength
    ~Law of Speed: Caster has a 60% passive buff to Speed.


    Signature Spells

    Gravity Slugger:
    Condensed Muscle:
    Future Probability Cognition:
    Less Friction (Locked til H rank):

    B Rank Spells

    Spatial Warp:
    Matter Acceleration:

    A Rank Spells

    Chronokinetic Destiny:

    S Rank Spells

    Eye of Law:
    Eye of Chaos:
    Law Erasure:

    H Rank Spells

    Breaking of Reality (locked til H rank):
    Storms of Time (Locked til H Rank):


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    Laws of the Red Keymasha
    Grappa & Jellisha
    Grappa & Jellisha

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    Laws of the Red Empty Re: Laws of the Red

    Post by Grappa & Jellisha 21st December 2021, 10:40 pm

    much red
    such law

    Laws of the Red CXDNP1Y


    Laws of the Red YvWNyTL

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