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    Masks and Mercy [Freeform w/ Vesta]

    Noctis Rose
    Noctis Rose

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    Masks and Mercy [Freeform w/ Vesta] Empty Masks and Mercy [Freeform w/ Vesta]

    Post by Noctis Rose 20th November 2021, 7:48 pm

    The jumbled notes of the singing choir of seagulls sang their tuneless shanties above head. The waves rolled on the side of the obsidian black hull of the Andromeda as she sailed silently. It was one of the few seldom times where she was cloaked by the veil of her ravaging storm. There on the exposed deck of the leviathan classes destroyer, the forlorn phantom Admiral gazed at the orange and purple hues of the sun rising beyond the ocean horizon. He ethereal flames flickered like a lantern burning diligently as it awaits sun rise. Despite lacking flesh, the skeletal visage of the burning skull of the captain was sullen. If he did have a face, it most likely would have been a expression of silent melancholy and reminiscing. His ashen black coat was adorned by the flickering of his ghostly embers. His tricorne hat casting an other worldly shadow over his burning skull. The Admiral stared to the great beyond, appreciating the beauty of the sea and the sky.

    The Admiral reached in his coat pocket and produced a charred music box, his burning boned hands turned the ashen tarnished wind up key. For a few seconds before he let go of the cindered music box. Instead of falling the music box floated like a jelly fish before The Admiral. Despite charred condition of the music box, beautiful notes adorned in melancholy began to play from the heart of the small music box. The notes played an arrangement of sorrow and forlorn love, as the Admiral stood there like a single burning candle at dusk. The admiral tiled his head lifted his arms in manner reminiscent of playing some sort of stringed instrument. As the lonesome song of the music waltzed in solitude, the soft crackling of embers danced from the burning fingertips of the Admiral. The flames began to form and solidify into the form a dark black violin. From the other hand of the admiral the bow of the ember decorated violin emerged. The admiral took a dep breath at in sync with the zenith of of the melancholy driven song. As the next note floated in the air, the Admiral began to play his instrument. his burning hands carcasses the the finger board of the violin with a gentle touch, and began to draw the bow on the strings. A deep beautiful note like the singing of a mournful siren took the notes of the music box by hand. together the musical notes of the two instruments waltzed in unison to form a deeper and complex musical piece. As the Admiral softly swayed to the music the heart of andromeda echoed the call of a piano that joined  the mournful song of yearning. All together the a hauntingly beautiful lyric less shanty filled the air. The all aboard the crew remained silent as they all listened to the haunting melody.

    For a brief moment, with accompaniment of the violin and the piano there tone shifted to something hopeful and complete. however, the piano evenly soften and left the melodic tune, leaving only the Admiral's violin and the music back. Soon after the Admiral also ceased playing, leaving only the music box to sing its song. Now alone. the music box's song was for more prominent and alone, like drifting soul lost at sea. The lonesome ballad of the music box continued to permeate in the air until it slowly drew to a close. Upon the last note the distant rumble of thunder rang in the air as if the sky grieved at the end of the sorrowful song.

    The clouds began to darken and, the winds began to blow. The violin and bow in the hands of the Admiral disintegrated to ash and embers. He plucked the now floating and silent music box and tucked it away in his coat pocket once more. Without turning around the Admiral spoke as if knowing someone was behind him.

    "What's the matter lass?" The Admiral inquired, leaving the question in the air.  


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    Masks and Mercy [Freeform w/ Vesta] Jack-Siggy

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    Masks and Mercy [Freeform w/ Vesta] Empty Re: Masks and Mercy [Freeform w/ Vesta]

    Post by vesta 1st December 2021, 5:48 pm

    Masks and Mercy [Freeform w/ Vesta] Db3y65f-da3ee213-5b46-47ac-b218-5ce43900e95c.png?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJ1cm46YXBwOjdlMGQxODg5ODIyNjQzNzNhNWYwZDQxNWVhMGQyNmUwIiwiaXNzIjoidXJuOmFwcDo3ZTBkMTg4OTgyMjY0MzczYTVmMGQ0MTVlYTBkMjZlMCIsIm9iaiI6W1t7InBhdGgiOiJcL2ZcLzFkOTA1OWRlLWZmYzQtNDQ3OS05ZmNmLTAzOTcyYTUzYWI3MlwvZGIzeTY1Zi1kYTNlZTIxMy01YjQ2LTQ3YWMtYjIxOC01Y2U0MzkwMGU5NWMucG5nIn1dXSwiYXVkIjpbInVybjpzZXJ2aWNlOmZpbGUuZG93bmxvYWQiXX0

    Masks and Mercy [Freeform w/ Vesta] BofkxqN

    Scattering her flickering ultraviolet crimson screens within the air in front of her, the girl of many aliases huffed and puffed as she would scope into what appeared to be coordinates on a three-dimensional map, setting a pulsating waypoint right in the center of those dots- they led deep into the sea and appeared to float above the water, but Vesta knew what truly resided within those depths. It was as if one of her mysterious competitors upon the blockchain was attempting to establish and mine a new form of cryptocurrency- the bloodcoin, which shared a striking resemblance to the flourishing ethereocoin, her heaviest and oldest investment. However, upon its establishment on the universal blockchain, it was slowly attempting to take the spot as the most prominent form of crypto within the streets of Ishgar, causing the value of the ethereocoin to slowly fall in its wake. This was something that the computer pirate could not bear to witness; utilizing the dark web and cyberdiving to access classified documents relating to the origin of the new coin, a set of coordinates alone would be able to lead her to a suspected crypto-mining facility within the ocean, rumored to be the prominent production site of the bloodcoin. Unforeign to the production of cryptocurrency and the mining process of the blockchain, the strawberry-blonde knew that one thing would be able to secure her success in her investments. A wish to level the electro-mining site and cause it to turn to ruin upon the deep floors of the sea. It would be a difficult task, but something she would be able to potentially accomplish with the assistance of another.

    Twirling a barely-visible strand of her bright hair that fluttered under her thick hood, the girl would sigh as she would once again scatter around her floating ruby-colored screens in front of her, getting up from her seat in the almost empty depths of the Andromeda to relocate closer to her comrades. Her face completely concealed by a glistening dark crimson mask made entirely of ultraviolet electra, the essence of her lacrimatech, she would gently begin her journey up the ship's stairs to be greeted by a soulful melody wavering out from something that the Captain seemed to be holding.. perhaps a magical music box of sorts. The sounds that would slowly seep into her ears would appear quite melancholic upon the thundering of the ship's dark, looming storm- her hood would struggle to remain completely secure on the top of her head with the winds, allowing for her long strands of almost ivory hair to flutter behind her as she would begin to approach. But the music box would soon begin to play on its own, causing a sensation of goosebumps to form on her concealed skin under her fluffy cape and hood. "o̴̮̻͉̫̰̗̰̠̟̦̅̀̃͒͘̚̚j̶̢̡̧͔͉͚̬̣̠͔̬̖͇́̈́͛͐̓̇̽̆̎́̇́͑͑̄͌̀̀̈́̈̈́̅̕͘̕͝͝͠į̵̢̛̘̬̞͉̬̠͍͑͗̆̿̄̾́̓́̿̈́́̏̀̽̽̍̾̉͌̕͘͘͝ò̵̡͈̺̫̦̹̬̫̯̤̩̜̯̹͙̩̦͔̺̠̾̎͛̍͛̈̍͌̆͊̔̊̎͛͋͊͋͛̾̚͘̚͠͝͝i̸̡̧̡̖̺̫̻̻̹̜̬̞͐̽̒̎̓̂̔́̿͑̀̄̋̂͐̌̇ͅ! boop boop!" her hexbug would chirp, curled up within the girl's pocket- it was as if it were evoking emotion in response to the musical feats of the box, despite its lack of a real brain. As for Vesta, she would unnoticeably shiver under her fluffy hood, continuing to fall under the guise of her familiar persona, Ruby Sorcierre.

    Approaching the Captain from his backside, the hooded individual of the crimson electra would silently stand behind him, allowing her thoughts to compose before she would speak to him about what she wished to accomplish- but with the thunderous storm overhead, his strong voice would acknowledge her presence without having to look at her. "Captain," she would softly say behind her mask, her voice projecting out of the crimson particles of her lacrimatech with a module to deepen her sound to resemble a grown woman, "I know this is sudden, but.. I need to do something really important, and I don't think I can do it on my own." Her voice would appear just as deep and serious as a war commander's, despite her slightly childish tinge of her verbiage- releasing the fluttering screen in front of her to lay flat in-between the two, it would project outward a three-dimensional map of the seas in the color of a blood-red, projecting a quiet ping upon the waypoint set at the coordinates of the mining base. "I need to go.. here," she would point to the pulsating dot in the middle of the sea, void of any sign of land nearby on the map, "it's really important, Captain." Vesta was slightly too nervous to directly ask for the Captain's help in the destruction of the secret base- her sole comfort was the fact that nobody could see how anxious she was on her face under her glistening mask of hers, resting deep within the dark void of her hood.

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