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    Reglur dýrsins (W.I.P)

    Gilderoy D. Portgas
    Gilderoy D. Portgas

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    Reglur dýrsins (W.I.P) Empty Reglur dýrsins (W.I.P)

    Post by Gilderoy D. Portgas 20th November 2021, 8:14 am

    Reglur dýrsins

    In an unknown year lost to history, a warlord would sacrifice his entire war troop in order to attain ever-lasting life by summoning a terrible entity. This warlord was and forever will be, Lycan Von Balaur, the Wolf-Dragon. Not much is known about why Lycan did what he did, some say, that the warlord had lost his lover to an endless war, others believe that Lycan had grown weary of his mortal life and fearful of death decided to shed his mortal soul in exchange for an immortal one. Whatever the case, whatever the truth maybe, Lycan will sacrifice more than 600 hundred Iceberg warriors and berserkers in a mass blood ritual. The Blood Ritual allowed Lycan to summon the Demon Prince of Undeath and Madness, “enter name here”. In exchange for his soul and his service, the Demon Prince bestowed upon Lycan a terrible curse, the curse of vampirism. Endowed with immortality and vast dark powers, Lycan became a scourge upon his own people. That would be until the vampire lord had been tricked by the holy men of Iceberg and bound within a silver sarcophagus which was placed into a tomb deep within the earth. There he would remain, lost and forgotten, at least until a foolish archaeologist and his troop found and accidentally freed the Vampire Lord. 

    Lycan is a unique vampire, one that stands out from among other ancient and elder vampires. As part of his vampirism each blood sucker can turn into a demonic form, the Demon Prince bestowed an extra amount of demonic and abyssal power to grant Lycan a specialized demonic form. This demonic form allows Lycan to turn into an alien dragon-like creature, one that is relatively frightening to behold and abnormal in relation to other dragons. Despite this unique transformation, Lycan possess all the abilities of a normal vampire. In order to stay alive, Lycan needs to consume the blood of other living things, in a similar way that humans need water to survive, and he cannot consume normal human food- unless infused or made with blood. As a vampire Lycan is also considered to be dead, and therefore, he does not need to breathe and can adapt to harsh environments with relative ease. Fire however, remains extremely deadly against him, alongside holy magic. 

    Furthermore, as a vampire Lycan is gifted with vast magical powers and occult knowledge. He can manipulate the element of darkness and shadows and use those two elements to create various constructs or blasts of dark energy. He is also able to manipulate his body down to the cellular level, allowing him to alter his shape at will, and even take on the form of other creatures or people.


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