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    Out For A Good Scare! (Event)

    Gisen Ceostra
    Gisen Ceostra

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    Out For A Good Scare! (Event) Empty Out For A Good Scare! (Event)

    Post by Gisen Ceostra 18th November 2021, 1:40 pm

    It felt like any other job really. Just having to go around and play security felt like a little bit of a downsize for a pair of Rune Knights like themselves, however this time they hadn't been assigned it per say by a higher up. For whatever reason, they had been dragged out on this job the second a pair of Sylvan ears heard the words "Hargeon Town". Suddenly she had pushed the twins to get dressed up in something suitable for a pair of girls and make their way towards the towns festivities. So why was she so perked up and practically excited for it? Well, they had heard they turned the old guild hall into a bit of an attraction for this years events so it felt much less out of the way to show them around. She had been about the city for some time between her own free time and trying to poke about for information on where Gisen had been taken off to, so it made things much easier to get around the tours to show them places that weren't on it.

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