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    Myrrh's Den


    Lineage : Demonic Carnage
    Position : None
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    Guild : Luminous Rose
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    Experience : 200

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    First Magic: Take-over: Draconic Soul
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    Myrrh's Den Empty Myrrh's Den

    Post by Myrrh 11th November 2021, 11:07 am

    Myrrh's Bank


    Character: Myrrh
    Rank: C
    Guild: Luminous Rose

    Approved Magic

      Primary Magic: Takeover: Draconic Soul
      Secondary Magic: TBA
      Tertiary Magic: TBA

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    Approved Equipment:
    Approved Weapons:

    Weapon: TBA
    Weapon: TBA
    Weapon: TBA
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    Armor: TBA
    Armor: TBA
    Armor: TBA
    Approved Items:

    Item: TBA
    Item: TBA
    Item: TBA
    Approved Pets:

    Pet TBA
    Pet: TBA
    Pet: TBA

    Ongoing Jobs:

    Completed Jobs:

    The Plague: The Unusual Weed: Here
    Protect: Plant Lady: Here
    To Earthland and Beyond!: Here
    The Plauge: The Shrouded Stalker: Here

    Ongoing Socials:

    Down into the Garden: Here
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    Social: TBA

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