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    iLac Empty iLac

    Post by Magicite 5th November 2021, 9:03 am

    Over on Neutral Ground, a stunning new gizmo dubbed the iLac had been released. It was becoming increasingly popular among the general public, even allowing guild members to quickly connect with one another among all the wizard guilds. He felt like an old man since he didn't have one, or a country lad, but the fact was that he was country man. He grew raised just outside of Sakuramori's wilds and hadn't really interacted much with technology. The first time he had even run into tech was on a mission for the Goddess and then with Lyra who had a iLac.

    As he went throughout Neutral Ground region, Spirit became unwell. The location turned off your magic. Having his magic sealed was one of his greatest fears since it meant losing one of his dearest friends, a part of himself, the Magician's Spirit. As he waited in line, he began to experience a variety of symptoms, including higher heart rate, rapid breathing, shortness of breath, butterflies in his stomach, perspiration and chills, and shaking muscles.

    People began to look at him, and a knight patrolled close, most likely believing he was a robber who was too frightened to go through with it. They had no idea that it was the first time in his life that he was experiencing real terror. He didn't like how he felt. He was prepared to purchase the iLac and dash across the border to teleport home.

    He'd spend around 15 minutes in the store looking for a phone that he liked at a reasonable price. This phone was capable of recording video, taking pictures, playing music, instant messaging, and, of course, calling. It was powered by a customized lacrima and used a multi-touch screen and virtual keyboard. It also included minor functions such as a powerful LED flashlight and the ability to detect the presence of surrounding objects by producing a beam of electromagnetic radiation. Overall, it was a fantastic piece of magiteck. It could even sense his magical level, and when he used it, nearly everyone in the shop stopped and stared at him. Spirit was blessed with unnaturally high reserves of mana compared others and his was above even the average Z Rank, not that there were just Z Rank wizards walking around.

    He'd leave and begin his trek out of the Neutral Territories after purchasing the phone. When he crossed the boundary and his power was no longer contained, he'd fall to his knees and unleash the full might of his magic. As rocks trembled on the ground, the air began to pressurize and became thick and apparent. He felt so alive again, and all his fears were washed away like dirt from a face as he stood under a waterfall and felt the cold water crash upon his body.

    He'd pull out his iLac and make his first call to his folks. He had remembered their phone numbers and had already entered them into his phone. The number at the guild hall was likewise entered into the phone. "Hello, Dad. I received the iLac. I'll be home soon. I just wanted to try it out before teleporting back home." He felt strange combining magitek with pure magic, but those were the times. His own parents were even ahead of him in this regard. He'd raise one hand forward as a magic symbol appeared ahead of him, casting Circle of Recall. A shimmering doorway would form in front of Spirit. He'd be met with a glimpse of his bedroom as he walked through it. Emerald lounged on his bed, tormenting what looked to be a mouse she had trapped. She was about to devour the poor animal any way.

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