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    The clock works are coming! Clock work invasion.

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    The clock works are coming!  Clock work invasion.  Empty The clock works are coming! Clock work invasion.

    Post by Kite Wilhelm 25th October 2021, 1:47 pm

    Kite couldn’t tell if it were the wind that was blowing so fiercely or if it was because of how fast he was traveling. When they had left Ace of Spades he initially had his hood up but since he had failed to keep it up over his blue hair on multiple occasions he just gave up on trying. “You know we could have just gotten into Tailspin and flew that way right?” Kite would shout the best he could against the incoming wind. We could have but with how close it is to the town it didn’t seem worth it. Plus you still have to work on repairs before it can be reliable. Kite would hear him clearly in his mind with no interference from the wind. What he would give for that little trick to work both ways. “You’re not wrong. I have to get with that mechanic from the Rune Knights again so she can give me a good list of how to fix it. While trying to get my magic back of course.” There wasn’t much left in the way of any sort of magic inside of Kite. During the attack in the realm of void he has used all of the fire power he could muster with Kenna sparking the remnants of his Demon slayer magic. Are you sure you can handle the job without magic? Turq asked showing some sort of concern for Kite. “Yeah it should be fine. Between my axe and stoking those embers to give my fists a little bit of hitting power it should be fine. Plus got you as back up.” The pair had left Sabertooth territory to go to the Lycan woods in order to fulfill a job request from the government requesting mages from guild investigate mysterious metallic creatures that have been spotted in mass in the Lycan Woods. Since returning to the guild Kite has been trying to take as many jobs as he can. This being potentially urgent jumped up on the list. “When we get to the edge of the woods land. We may be expecting other guilds to join us. It would be better to get together at the start then run into someone mid job. Once the trees line was visible Turq would land and curl up to rest. Kite couldn’t get over how much he would look like a large rock when he did that. Figuring he may have time until anyone else would arrive he would sit in the grass and lean against Turq.

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    The clock works are coming!  Clock work invasion.  Gvf4gD8

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