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    Demon's Den: Sinister Competition

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    Demon's Den: Sinister Competition Empty Demon's Den: Sinister Competition

    Post by Kite Wilhelm 24th October 2021, 9:03 am

    It took a little more time than he had initially expected but finally it was done. Since his return to the guild he had not left, instead he chose to spend his time trying to fix up Tailspin. When he left the guild he didn't take it with him and therefore it hadn't moved from where he had last landed it. All of those years of being idle didn't do it any real good. It had taken about a week of consistent repairs to the parts that were salvageable and would jerry rig what he couldn't repair until he was able to acquire the proper replacement. There were many different attempts with the engine trying to get it to start and once getting started was successful the issue was getting the lacrima to keep the engine going which took a bit more effort as well as makeshift engineering because fixing things wasn’t what Kite did. However it was working and for what he needed it for it would have to do. There was a job to do and he needed Tailspin to take him and Turq to Hargeon town. Some how this town seemed to always be on Kite's itinerary when it came to jobs, usually of the complicated variety. "Alright Turq, are you ready to head to Hargeon?" his voice would have subtle hints of annoyance especially when he said Hargeon. Telepathically Turq would answer the question Yes. I am curious to see how this machine of yours works. To think humans would need this to fly. Kite would let out a small chuckle at this. "Hey it's not our fault we weren't created with wings. Besides we get to fly in style." He would pat the one of the metallic panels inside the haul of the ship. I'm not accustomed to what you humans of this age consider style but I am not sure your ship would be considered as such. Kite would let out a loud and sarcastic gasp at the comment. "hey now. Tailspin has seen its fair share of adventures." You still haven't told me what we are going to be doing in Hargeon. Kite would hear as he exited the cargo bay and would head up the usual route to the cockpit to start her up. "A local bar chain, uh a place where some of us humans like to socialize, is having issues with a competitor. An established chain called the Demon's den." A few more flicks of the switch would click as the turbines whirled to life and the ship started to take off of the ground. “Enjoy the ride. We will be in Hargeon before you know it.”

    The ship would land on a flat clearing just outside of Hargeon after a brief flight there. Haha! I see why humans would use this. Not as fun as flying with my own wings but certainly a convenience. Kite would grin upon hearing this. “ and he would continue So do you think there are demons there? Kite would just go down the hallway towards the doorway that would head to the cargo bay to check on Turq. “Most likely someone just looking for an intimidating or interesting name. However if there are demons nothing I cannot handle, should be a milk run” he stopped talking as he caught something out of the corner of his eye and would detour to the engine room. Upon entering it he would see the cause of the noise. “Well this is a surprise. What are you doing on my ship?”
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