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    The Cottage

    Lyra Karant
    Lyra Karant

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    The Cottage Empty The Cottage

    Post by Lyra Karant 23rd October 2021, 4:24 pm

    Lyra Karant
    In The Tiny Cottage

    Sometimes, you found yourself in extremely odd-- but not unwelcome-- situations. In Lyra's case, this definitely counted. In no simple consideration of time had she thought that she'd end up sharing tea with a lovely old lady, but here they were anyway.

    Today Lyra was sitting down with a lovely lady named Olivia, who was previously a legal mage as well - much like Lyra, she had been prone to adventure and certainly saw her fair share of it in her younger years. As such, a simple request had come to the guild: go and spend some time with this old lady, learn her stories, and ensure that they were not lost to the ages. Lyra was entirely willing to do something that wasn't fighting for a change, given how much of it she'd beeen doing recently. Therefore, she was more than happy to go and spend some time in a cottage near the sea with someone who was wonderful company. Olivia was bright and cheery enough, with plenty to talk about. This gave Lyra the drive to sit there, converse with her, and the extra cookies were a bonus on top.

    Olivia had ulterior motives for Lyra being here, however, which was nothing new at this point. Being an experienced adventurer and mage brought its fair share of enemies, and the older woman knew deep down that one or more of them were planning something. That, likely, would all come to a head here and now, and so she'd put out a call to Luminous Rose; they seemed like a good sort when the Rune Knights were far too politically-minded and driven by military action to send someone around for a more casual discussion. Besides, this kid seemed nice enough anyway. She was certainly polite enough to be pouring Olivia the tea and not the other way around, which was a welcome surprise. If she could hold her own in a fight, then great. The older mage was all for that.

    What Lyra didn't know was that the enemy was willing to pay others - and that Lyra knew this enemy all too well. There was a rather sizeable hit order on Olivia's head, one that had been orchestrated by one of her enemies from the days of yore. That assassination request was going to be filled, of course, by someone who was rather good at what she did. The cottage was down a well-beaten path overlooking a cliff by the sea, with a small grove of trees the only barrier between the city itself and the cottage on the cliff. There was only a single path up the cliff that was easily traversable, but the patch of trees provided plenty of cover for anyone who wished to approach. This would give any would-be assassins somewhere to hide if absolutely necessary.

    Pouring the both of them another cup of tea, Lyra took a seat across from Olivia at her table, unknowing of the danger that was about to come through - and there was going to be a lot of it. Chaos was about to bloom, and the pink mage was all the more unknowing of that which was about to unfold in front of her.

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