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    Plant Monster Showdiwn

    Aurora Constein
    Aurora Constein

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    Plant Monster Showdiwn Empty Plant Monster Showdiwn

    Post by Aurora Constein 21st October 2021, 9:46 am

    Aurora has been hearing about the future that have been assaulting troubles on their way to Hargeon. The only reason you should Point came to his place someone got away from their early and got into the town severely injured. So that's what he was sent to do today and figure out what's attacking Travelers and solve the problem. So her plan was simple enough to pose as a traveler and wait for it to attack her walking the streets alone. She didn't find anything off. Most of the time you would get ambushed they were signs of an ambush happening waiting for that has happened no one with a hundred percent covering their tracks. But as she walks she didn't get even a sense of anything is wrong, nothing that you can pinpoint. It only made her more wary of what was going on as she continues to walk the past staying focused and keeping her demeanor as she always would. This would keep going until out of the corner of your eye she almost missed it something would be touching her attention. Scrap of cloth on a branch. It looks to be someone's shirt that was far too high up there. This just made her confused as she walked up looking at it before something something shifting and send me a large Vine would slam down in front of her comes back looking at it. would staring down a rather large Plant piece that she had been tracking for the past few days, this plant species have been attacking Travelers along the road to Hargeon. They haven't been able to figure out that it was indeed a plant like creature. She might not have figured out either it was completely hidden when it wasn't moving in preying upon its victims. Have to get lucky and had the more survival Instinct embedded in her than other Travelers coming along with those which ended up saving her life and prevented her from getting more injured. All of that aside this preacher look to me like a giant Venus flytrap with massive Vines for arms. That's her hair became a fiery orange color causing the heat to radiate from her, her eyes turn a crimson red as she stared the beast down. She could in one strike however the vine for whipping around and she would need to get in a good strike, and right now we're taking most for energy to just dodge out of the way. As her feet what coated in flame so she could get a bit more upper speed that she had normally study the creatures movement looking for an opening. It was a brawler heart rate has been the most basic fighter knew how to wait for their chance to strike. She then decided to bring her astral flame claws starting to walk away all the Vines and Claw at them with fire, the claws what able to burn away fines or keep them off of her as she started to getting closer to it. Even with her magic no getting close to it was a rather difficult task and she still have his fall her way through with pretty quick even get close to the creature, the only reason she was making a lot of Headway was because of her control over her Fire magic and the fact that she was using fire magic at all how to cut through them. This feature seem to not be found on Fire magic which makes sense for what it is. And this is how she would end if she planned on using a full takeover you just blow it to smithereens you just need to get within range to make sure she had a clear shot at the entirety of the creature and not just a part of it.

    As she got close to the plant creature it opened its large mouth to try to consume her in one bite. She would then use her Flame Empress Roar, in central large fire looking creature had jumped away from her body and into the plants mouth having it wail. out in pain as it exploded in it's mouth in the fire held it in place as some of the roots and Vines for burning it would no longer useful, the intensity of the flame was enough to easily start setting it Ablaze along with some of the area around them. As the creature wailed out loudly and was held in place she's pulled her fist back shooting her Flame Empress Solar Flare directly into the plant creatures causing it to have a hole burned through it and catch flame completely. The fire ended up consuming the large Plant faced creature as it with her to the ground in a heap of asked in first plant using her magic to control the rest of it making sure not to bring down any more of the forest. Has she went around doing this however she made sure she went over to the plant being through and made sure the job was the last thing she needed was any more surprises from this thing that would catch her off guard. She didn't know what this creature was or how it was made but she was glad it was dealt with. Anyone who didn't have magic this picture was very much a viable threat oh, to anyone with magic however they could at least defend themselves. So the scariest thing about this creature was indeed as camouflage ability oh, even at her level she barely noticed it in time. What it was. She figured it was just some point made shoes project got out of hand listen to the world ending it to man up and say anything, not that it matters now oh, What mattered now it was done as she finished putting up the remainder of the fire in the area. Now and it was no need to worry about it so she turned and went back to Hargeon to collect her reward.


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