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Unwanted Reunion

Aurora Constein
Aurora Constein

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Unwanted Reunion  Empty Unwanted Reunion

Post by Aurora Constein 19th October 2021, 7:04 am

Aurora would be returning home from doing some work, back in Luminous Rose territory as she mad he was through the streets towards the guild hall.  Though as she walked through the streets a familiar face would come into view.  A fixer for her family's house,  The ones they sent when her family would be having problems, her old caretaker.  She stood there staring at the man who was dressed in a black robe with mithial metal shoulder pads and a chair mail cover around the neck acting as a guard.  Along with that her houses symbol dangling on a necklace however it would also be on the back of the robe.  Time came to a crawl as she employed her best weapons she hand...Stares and silence, she would not be intimidated by him anymore as he began to speak after a long pause.

"Aurora, I  finally found you.  It is wonderful to see you again, you made us all worry about you when you ran away from home like that you know...So unbecoming of the eldest daughter to do something so….brash." he said as she glared daggers but began to walk again with an air of confidence, she had better places to be then to deal with this nobody to her.  As she walked past saying nothing he spoke again. "You know if you wanted to stay hidden you should have joined a stronger, bigger, better guild that you could blend in with...one that instead would at least let you return with some dignity...instead you come a new guild filled with weakling that are worth nothing."

This made Aurora stop as her eyes flashed red and her hair turning orange. This mans words were always poison to her skin. She turned around grabbing his collar making a scene in the road but not caring looking I to his eyes...seeing no fear.  "This guild you speak so little of...could crush house Constien into the dirt, So watch what you say or I'll come home like they want...to turn the house to ash you understand me!" She growled throwing him to the ground in frustration.  He said nothing as people stared at them murmurs all around them as he slowly got up dusting himself off. He shook his head as he did.  "Still just a brute I seen you still have no elegance at all.." he said as she was staring him down.

You have gotten a tad stronger but not enough but...the you will return and the wedding will happen Aurora, as the eldest daughter it is what you owe the family...don't be a an ungrateful welch and come back and fulfill your responsibilities." He said as if he already knew she would.  Aurora turned to leave putting her back to him. "The house Constien will fall before I even give it a though, you will all burn by my hand if you try to make me." She said as she suddenly felt herself get heavy as if she couldn't move from his damn gravity magic.as she then was light as a feather unable to move floating over to him.  Her heart racing unable to move, she hated this feeling, so many time she felt this from her childhood as she was unable to move.  She was brought right up to him as he smirked.

"Still just a helpless girl, it be easy for me to bring you back right now, for me to hunt down your guild members one by one and kill them so you have no home to return to, I will ruin your life so the only life you have to return to is the one you left, do not underestimate the house Constien fixers, we will make that house great and your a key piece, now as your old teacher I hope you make the right choice….You know I will fulfill my promises so what will it be hm?"  She said his voice calm but full of malice and treating intent, her family excelled as that trait.

She struggled slightly her heart racing more, she hated being Paralyzed like this being helpless, why was she still helpless.  As an aura of flame went around her anger becoming hot enough to produce her flame she floated back a bit. "You can't break my focus with some heat Aurora, but struggling like this is pointless, now answer." He said as she glared at him, she was stronger then this, wiser then this...she could...loss..herself…  she struggled more and then stopped.  This beast couldn't be caged "Astral Claws"  she muttered as two fire claws lashed out towards him taking him a bit of guards he swiftly moved back making her fall to the ground.  She panted kneeling as she stood up hearing him chuckle.  "So you made your choice Aurora, I'll be seeing you and your guild soon" he says turning to leave as she stood there taking a deep breath clenching her fists watching him walk away.  She took only a moment to compose herself.  She looked around her seeing people looking worried as she took a breath as the Astral Claws went into the air flying around making the Luminous Rose Symbol in the air. "Luminous Rose will burn bright even in the dark so take comfort that people like him will cause you no harm!" She said in a loud proclamation.  The crowd was set to ease and clapped for her. As they clapped and she turned around to walk and return to the guild hall keeping a brave face, in the back of her mind she found herself worried..she needed to get stronger and she needed to keep her guildmates safe.  She would need to double her efforts so nothing would happen, a storm was brewing and she put her guild in its path, unless she can wrap it up herself...calamity in her life would come. Now more then ever it was time for her to push past her limits and see this though to its end.

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