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    Halt! City patrol!

    Julius Seas
    Julius Seas

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    Halt! City patrol! Empty Halt! City patrol!

    Post by Julius Seas 16th October 2021, 3:27 pm

    639 words

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    Joya, a country Julius had never heard of until this job posting passed by in the Fairy Tail guild hall. It wasn't a country Julius had travelled through either since it never noticed him on the map nor did any of his jobs ever sent him their but it was a nice change of pace then the same old three places Julius always ended up. You know if you had told me Joya was a newly founded country like Tolgalen was then I would've believed you. Julius said as he took another sip from his iced coffee. At least this country isn't founded by a trading company! Squable started to burst out of laughter. You know my dear that laughing at your own jokes doesn't make a joke funnier? Julius sighed, you'd think that at this point he had gotten used to it but he will never get used to Squable's bad jokes.

    So Julius are you interested at all in politics? Julius shook his head. Nope. I don't really care that these countries are going at these throats like two angry children, heck officially I'm not even born in Fiore yet there is still some affiliation I have to Fiore so not seeing the place burned to the ground would be nice. Anyway that is the long answer the short answer is I'm more here for the paycheck! Julius made a delighted face. Have you at least did some homework? All I know is that these two countries suddenly want a peace treaty after a lot of pointless bloodshed but eh who am I to judge? I do not make important decisions for millions of people I'm just a pirate! And besides we only got back to Fairy Tail when all this went down so do not mind me when I do not give much of a damn. He took another sip from his iced coffee. Like I said before I am here only for the paycheck, and maybe a nice souvenir don't think I will be back here for a while anyway. Oh and maybe take a quick tour here, which I will anyway since I am on patrol duty.

    Seems there are a lot of protests are going on here. Julius looked around and for once it felt nice for him to not stand out like sore thumb. Seems like people won't notice me for once. Yeah usually with your pirate clothes people would spot you from a mile away. That was until. Hey you there! In the pirate clothes halt! *sigh* You just had to jinx me didn't you? Squable looked away from Julius. Yes you called? Julius turned around to face the individual calling out him. There he was face to face with a group of Rune Knights which aimed a spear towards Julius. State your business. Julius sipped from his iced coffee and reached to the inside of his pirate coat for a piece of paper. Well you see my dear, your friends back in Era gave me this to show you that I am here for the city patrol. Now if you could please call to your man to lower their weapons before they poke someone's eye out with them. This is no way to treat your guests. The man read the paper Julius handed him and told his guards to lower their weapons. My apologies mister Seas, everyone is a bit on the edge for the conference! Julius patted the soldier on his shoulder. You can call me Julius I am not much for this mister business now I was told I was to rendezvous here to meet my group? Julius took another sip from his iced coffee. That is correct it appears you're the first one to arrive. Well in that case all that remains to do is wait here.


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    Halt! City patrol! 220px-Squawks_-_Donkey_Kong_Country_Returns

    Halt! City patrol! X9tEBuc

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    Halt! City patrol! Empty Re: Halt! City patrol!

    Post by Lethe 18th November 2021, 10:24 pm

    Leave the Future in the Past, We're Living in the Present now, Baby!

    This was honestly big news to be heard by the ears of the abomination. Lethe’s Phlox purple eyes looked at the screen as there was news of the two countries suddenly wanting to have a peace treaty?! That… didn’t sound right. She didn’t recall this happening before in her time? Well it could have. If it went south it might have blasted into the one big war in her time… no this was the past, and things were changed already. Her future couldn’t be the end all be all for this dimension. She turned off the switch and motions for Greyhound to follow her as she turned on her heel and adjusted her obi and obijime. She was wearing a nice, but short, off the shoulder light short kimono that barely covered her torso well, but had rather flowy sleeves and tails to the outfit, upon her feet were darkish purple tabi. Her dark hair was put in a highly loose ponytail behind her, with only the last foot of her hair being tied together. In her hand was a piece of paper saying that she had been called to help out in this ordeal. That she would do, and she’d be taking company.

    “We have to pick up someone~” She coos as Greyhound nods.

    The cyborg honestly didn’t need to know who Lethe was talking about. She hung out with only one person besides her father, and she wouldn’t ever coo about him. Lethe’s modified Zori clomped on the ground as she made her way up the SS Endeavour towards the Arborium. Of course the metal slayer was able to sniff out the one she fancied rather well. As she made it topside, she spotted the white haired mage already waiting for her and she jogged over to him. “Hey there~ I’m glad you’re waiting for me. We need to go to Joya and see if we can keep some peace going on there. Care to help? We’re bringing Greyhound too for extra hands.” She grabbed his arm gingerly as she pulled up her holoscreen map once again and pressed out of the Fiore map to go into Joya’s and pressed Felidae City once the map quickly loaded. Greyhound had come over next to Lethe and touched her other shoulder, dematerializing with the duo.

    As soon as they materialized back in Joya, Lethe looked around in utter awe of the place. “I don’t think I’ve ever been to Joya before.” She didn’t want to let go of the firm arm that was Mathis’, but she forced herself to do so anyway. She looked around at those around her and noticed that a chunk were sporting ears and a tail of various species. She definitely hadn’t been here before. Only her village in Lycan woods was like this. She took a deep breath and let her own wolfish/fox ears and four tails be exposed to the world. There was a light blush on her cheeks as she noticed not one person was oogling her like if she was a freak. This was honestly new to her, but at the same time it felt exhilarating to the point she swayed a little from side to side to let her tails feel a little breeze with the movement. It felt refreshing.

    She looked over towards where a pirate and a Rune Knight seemed to be talking and she twitched her ears a bit. She started to take the lead, with Greyhound following after Lethe a few steps behind her. She put her hands on her hips and stood her tall six foot (more six two with her zori’s) and glared at the knight for a moment before she looked at the pirate. “Ahoy.” She smirked as she held her hand out to him. “Pardon me, I had to tease. I overheard your conversation,” She reached her other hand up and messed with her ear softly before she showed him her own piece of paper that she had received as well. “I assume we’re in this together? I brought along a couple extra hands to help us out. I’m Lethe. The cyborg behind me is called Greyhound, and the white haired hottie is Mathis. We’re from Meliora Vitae.” She flicked her tails some as she stood there.

    Greyhound cleared his throat as he gave the pirate a bit of a polite nod. “I do believe there is more than just us, Miss Lethe. And don’t be surprised if Olly comes flying here…” Lethe makes a small face as she hangs her head. She hoped the little exceed would stay and not try coming here, but knowing him, he’d do it anyways. Now to keep a lookout for a jingleberry creature.

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