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    Ishgar Symposium (Group 1, Bellum)

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    Ishgar Symposium (Group 1, Bellum) Empty Ishgar Symposium (Group 1, Bellum)

    Post by The Lorekeeper 13th October 2021, 5:26 pm

    Felidae City
    A light knock echoed from the door of his guest chambers. “Come in,” Norwood called lightly, his tired eyes lingering on the beautiful Joya landscape beyond the windows. The chairman of the council had a lot on his mind lately, and while he did well to carry himself with an air of patience and grace it was evident that he was weary and exhausted. Pulling his gaze away, he turned to the white robed messenger that stood within the door frame.

    “Good morning, Master Pendleton. The mages have arrived. The Cardinal has already been summoned, as well.”

    “Thank you. I’ll be down in a moment.”

    The boy disappeared, and after a short moment to collect himself, Norwood exited his temporary chambers and made his way to the small conference room where the mages hired by the rest of the Council had been instructed to meet them. Along the way he met up with the Cardinal, the two of them chatting idly with one another as they walked the halls until they made it to their destination.

    As they entered, the four mages would be greeted to the sight of two regal looking gentlemen. Norwood was a stately man garbed in a rich black uniform with silver trim and embellishments. He had short, dark brown hair and a thick beard and moustache that framed a slender face. Gentle grey eyes scanned the room’s occupants briefly before he gave them a small but warm smile. “Good morning, everyone. I am Norwood Pendleton, head Chairman of the Magic Council. With me is Bellum’s Cardinal of Whispers, Leonida Ferreolius.”

    He gestured to the man that hand entered beside him. Leonida was a tall and stocky man that was dressed in all the splendor that befitted his position within the Bellum hierarchy, garbed in a priestly looking set of plated armor with a sleeveless black robe trimmed in gold. He had bright blonde hair that was slicked back across his head and thick sideburns that ran down to his jaw. He greeted the gathered company with a much easier smile that wasn’t burned with as much weariness as the Chairman’s. “Good morning! It is a pleasure to meet all of you. Please allow me to thank you in advance for volunteering your time and energy to help make sure this treaty goes through as smoothly as possible. Each of you has my sincerest gratitude.”

    After Leonida turned toward the chairman to silent indicate that he was passing things back to him, Norwood nodded and continued. “Let’s go ahead and get started. As all of you know, we have all gathered here today in the hopes of brokering a peace between Bellum and Pergrande after the recent skirmishes along their border. Given the history between both these nations, it goes without saying that today will go down in history as a rather miraculous moment of reconciliation, but as with any political exchange their are plenty of people that are not in favor of what we aim to do. While I sincerely hope that we are able to get through today with little to no excitement, we thought it best to be as prepared as possible, which is why Fiore was asked to gather a few individuals to serve as a protective escort for the Cardinal as we travel to the Symposium.”

    “I have already received reports that there are some active protests taking place in a couple places in the city. We are keeping an eye on these areas and are going to do our best to select a route with as little of this activity as possible, but please expect that we may have to make our way through some… spirited crowds. There are squads of Rune Knights that have joined up with a few of Joya’s hunters to patrol Felidae and keep the crowd passive, so with any luck they will be able to handle anything before we have to get involved, but it is imperative that we all be as vigilant as possible, just to be safe.”

    “That being said, before we get started, I would like to take the opportunity to let each of you introduce yourselves. I have your names, but it was the other members of the Council in Fiore that selected you while I was focused on preparing things here. I would appreciate being able to put names to faces, and to get an idea of who you are and what you are capable of so we can ensure that we are able to play to each of your strengths in this endeavor. Now is also the time to ask any questions if you have them.” With that, he looked at each of them and waited patiently for them to take turns with a more formal introduction.

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    Leona Jarnefeldt
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    Ishgar Symposium (Group 1, Bellum) Empty Re: Ishgar Symposium (Group 1, Bellum)

    Post by Leona Jarnefeldt 13th October 2021, 11:12 pm

    -Joya, the conference room-

    Standing up in the conference room because she was too nervous to sit still for very long, Leona was doing her best to present a calm and confident front to the world. Wearing her green, gold, and white outfit with Adaptable Armor configured to match the green of her outfit and black bike shorts on underneath her skirt, Leona also wore her Argent Gloves on her hands and carried her Silver Longsword in its scabbard on her left hip. In her right boot was concealed Ses Revanche. On the outside Leona looked ready for anything.

    On the inside she was barely holding it together.

    Leona took a few quiet breaths to try and relax a little. Try as she might to hide it, it was obvious to everyone in the room that Leona was more than a little nervous. This was not how the Wizard Saint of Courage was supposed to look and act. She was supposed to be brave and calm at all times.

    The blonde took a few more quiet breaths and began to calm down.

    She could do this.

    She could do this.

    Once she was as calm as she was going to get, Leona managed to shove aside her nervousness and look somewhat dignified like a Wizard Saint should. That was good because moments after she gained her composure two gentlemen entered the room. Judging from their attire and their demeanor, the gentlemen were people of some importance.

    One of them was a stately man garbed in a rich black uniform with silver trim and embellishments. He had short, dark brown hair and a thick beard and moustache that framed a slender face. Gentle grey eyes scanned the room’s occupants briefly before he gave them a small but warm smile. He introduced himself as "Norwood Pendleton, head Chairman of the Magic Council."

    He was quite important.

    The other man standing beside Norwood Pendleton was the "Cardinal of Whispers, Leonida Ferreolius." Leonida was a tall and stocky man that was dressed in all the splendor that befitted his position within the Bellum hierarchy, garbed in a priestly looking set of plated armor with a sleeveless black robe trimmed in gold. He had bright blonde hair that was slicked back across his head and thick sideburns that ran down to his jaw. Leonida greeted the gathered mages and stated that it was a pleasure to meet them and also expressed his gratitude for them volunteering to help make sure that the treaty went through as smoothly as possible.

    He was also quite important.

    Leona kept her mouth shut and focused her attention on Norwood Pendleton as he began to address the mages gathered in the room. He told them that a lot of people had gathered in Joya in the hopes of brokering a peace between Bellum and Pergrande after the recent border skirmishes. If the treaty was signed it would be a moment that went down in history, but there were people out there who did not want peace between the two nations.

    The possibility that those people would try something to make sure the peace treaty did not come to pass was why the mages in the room had been chosen to serve as a protective escort for the Cardinal as they traveled to the Symposium.

    Norwood Pendleton added that there were already active protests taking place in a few parts of the city. Leona listened as he told the group that the areas in question were being monitored and that they were going to do their best to select a route with as little protest activity as possible. However, the mages were cautioned that the group would have to go through some "spirited crowds", but a few of the Hunters of Joya and some squads of Rune Knights were patrolling Felidae to try and keep the crowds under control. Leona did not like the idea of going through crowds because there was too much that could go wrong, but depending on how things went there might not be much choice in the matter.

    Leona listened to Norwood Pendleton open the floor for introductions. He wanted to know who they were and what they were capable of so that each mage could be put in a place that played to their strengths. He also let the mages know that now was the time to ask questions if they had them. Leona indeed had a question, but first she would introduce herself.

    Stepping forward with as much confidence as she could muster, Leona introduced herself to the group and to the two VIPs.

    "I'm Leona Jarnefeldt, the Wizard Saint of Courage and the Guild Mistress of Silver Wolf. I use Wind Strike Magic and Wind Summon Magic. Wind Strike Magic lets me attack from both up close and at a distance, but it doesn't have many spells that can attack multiple targets at once and two of the spells that can attack multiple targets at once hit everything around me, so I'm gonna need to be far away from everyone if I have to use them. Wind Summon Magic lets me summon creatures to help me both on land and in the air. A few of my summons have abilities that can attack multiple targets at once, but half of them move best by flying, so they'll have trouble following us if we go under any low-hanging obstacles." Leona told the group and the VIPs who she was, what kinds of magic she could use, and what each kind could do. After the introduction she moved on to her question, but she hesitated for a moment before asking it because she had to get the wording just right. Once she was sure that she had gotten the wording right, she asked her question.

    "If we encounter any threats, how do we deal with them? Do we use non-lethal measures and subdue them or are we authorized to use lethal force if we have to?" Leona asked the VIPs, using a tone that indicated that she was not asking the question lightly. She was aware that she might look stupid for asking it. She was also aware that she might look like she was spoiling for a fight. Leona was willing to risk any hits to her image and reputation in exchange for knowing exactly what to do if trouble came calling.

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    Ishgar Symposium (Group 1, Bellum) Empty Re: Ishgar Symposium (Group 1, Bellum)

    Post by Kyran 14th October 2021, 6:32 pm

    Kyran stood in a conference room, once again. Luck seemed to have turned against him. The fickle magic of Hell had once more abandoned him. He couldn't even conjure up a flickering flame. He'd somehow managed to volunteer himself to protect one of the Cardinals of Bellum. The cruelty Gaia had suffered there simmered a deep seated rage within his stomach. His search for his daughter went poorly. So far, he'd only recovered a few fragments of her soul.

    The redhead took a deep breath. A trembling white gloved hand covered his eyes briefly. Kyran wasn't here to moan or complain. He was here to do a job: To uphold the stability of Ishgar. After callously taking advantage of the border conflict, he felt this to be his solemn duty. Personal feelings aside, Bellum might not survive the loss of its Cardinal. Kyran had a sneaking suspicion that the loss of the Cardinal would ignite the war they'd barely averted so far.

    Kyran straightened the sleeves of his red suit jacket. Professionalism seemed paramount. If he was allowed to be selfish, doing well here might open the door for new contracts for Dyer Industries. The board would be shown that Kyran desired the position, relished the opportunity and didn't see the company as a passing hobby. His overall focus on other pursuits had caused their faith to waver. They needed to see investment from him. Not only in resources but also time and attempts to expand the company. Their rivals ever sought to destroy them without while inner turmoil threatened within.

    His blue eyes rested on a blonde on the other side of the room. Leona Jarnefeldt, guild master of Silver Wolf. He struggled to remember if they'd done a job together previously. More importantly, spies had whispered rumors in his ear. Masha, after disappearing for a long time, had reappeared entering into Silver Wolf. The news set a flutter wings of hope. Could he finally find his sister after all this time? The excitement had his lips parting to ask. Professionalism be damned when family was on the line.

    The door opened. Kyran's lips snapped shut. The moment had passed. Two men entered the room. One wore a uniform with embellishments. The other had on a black robe paired to plate armor. It seemed an oddity, these two. One was blonde, the other dark. Hair covered the face of the man in uniform while the blonde had but sideburns. The one in uniform stepped forth to begin introductions.

    Chairman Pendleton and Ferreolius, Cardinal of Whispers. Even if Kyran had known roughly what he'd volunteered for, he tried not to gawk at the two of them. Here were two men that combined wielded enough political power to crush some of the countries of Ishgar. There was no telling what lay at their fingertips. The redhead worried only that they might abuse their power the way his brother had. Kyran was still trying to clean up that mess and Dyer Industries was relatively small in scope of power. If one of these men were like that... he wasn't sure he wanted to be guarding them.

    Leona stepped forward to introduce herself. Her introduction was precise and filled with information that would be enormously helpful in the defense of the Cardinal. Kyran expected her to step back once she finished. When she did not, his eyebrows raised in surprise. Her question, however, was well warranted. Something he should have considered given the potential lethality of most of his own spells. The slayer had been prepared to kill without a second thought. A flaw he'd examine later.

    The redhead stepped forth in support of the question. "I second the question of the Silver Wolf guild master." His tongue stumbled over the fancy professional speech. He'd never been able to quite master that. "In addition, I'd like to request a map of the intended route and backup routes, presuming those are in place. Knowing the topography will help us better protect the Cardinal." Kyran bowed slightly to the Chairman. Try as he might, no amount of professionalism provided his spine the means to bend before Cardinal Ferreolius. A curt nod was all the man would get.

    "I am Kyran Dyer, CEO of Dyer Industries and Sky Demon Slayer. I wield the magic of Mystic Blood in addition to those powers of a Demon Slayer. A majority of my Mystic Blood spells are meant to bleed the enemy but I have some healing and defensive abilities there as well. I can also summon two beasts for the Cardinal's protection. My Slayer magic primarily focuses on increasing speed - mine as well as my allies'. As a last resort, with some help from those with wind magic, I can activate Force to unleash destruction upon our attackers." Kyran paused. That brought up another question that needed an answer.

    "That being said, should we refrain from damaging the city in our defense of the Cardinal? Or, gods forbid we reach it, is there a point where the Cardinal's protection trumps the damage of private property?" Kyran could already perceive issues if they couldn't damage Joya, especially depending on routes. It limited options for protection. In addition, it could be used against them should any attackers discover the limitation. He severely hoped that they're protection of the Cardinal wouldn't have any such hinderance.

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    Lehanna Seraph
    Lehanna Seraph

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    Ishgar Symposium (Group 1, Bellum) Empty Re: Ishgar Symposium (Group 1, Bellum)

    Post by Lehanna Seraph 16th October 2021, 11:18 am

    It seemed a little bizarre that she of all people of those currently in the room had been the calmest of the three. What seemed to surprising to her was that Leona of all people had been nervous. For what reason, she couldn't imagine? Perhaps the stress of her title and an important task such as the one they were partaking on? The red headed male nearby couldn't stop his hand trembling from but a subtle tremor and though she couldn't recognize him either, the shared feeling of uncertainty of some need to impress some foreign dignitary of some form? Then again, Lehanna surely couldn't say she was entirely relaxed about the situation either. There were a few butterflies in her stomach, but there wasn't anything publicly on the line like it seemed to be for her fellow two companions seemed to be. But that was quite evident in the bubblegum in her mouth being blown into a bubble before it would pop.

    Despite her lax attitude seemed to be, she was dressed to be much more formal than she normally had been. A white button down covered by a blue suit vest and once more by a suit jacket in a black color. Pulling the bottom of her white gloves, the teen tightened her grip into a fist several times with either hand to refit them into place and make sure they were still comfortable for her. The brunette sat up in her seat, trying to make herself feel comfortable despite the boredom of waiting for the meeting to take place. Going with Leona's advice not to carry extra luggage with her, she had to leave her books at home back in Fiore for the time they would be here, which had left her in the state of boredom that she'd been in.

    As the doors opened up, her head had turned to face the arrival of two men in hooded garb of sorts. Their choice of clothing seemed a little off to the slayer, but she had brushed it off as a cultural manner. Nothing to fret herself with bothering with or being disrespectful over. Along with the others, Lehanna stood up and faced them before they were introduced to the group. When the first of the two had introduced himself as the chairman of the Magic Council, she had raised a brow in a bit of confusion. Was he of the Council that oversaw Fiore or did Bellum also have a Council of their own? Whatever the case may have been, she didn't put much thought in it as the man presented to the group as Leonidas had greeted and thanked the mages for their time in doing this job. A courteous smile formed on her face, aimed towards him until the councilman had regained her attention about the details of the escort as well as giving introductions of their own.

    First of the group was Leona to give her introduction. Her title as Saint, layout of multiple magics had been something that seemed very interesting. Until now, she had no idea what her own guildmaster had for a magic, so her long sated curiosity had been met. The next up was the red headed male who first bumped the question over how to deal with the enemies that may or may not even appear. Choosing to not jump on the bandwagon, two people bringing point of the same question was enough for her to be able to leave it be to be answered when the introductions were out of the way. As Kyran began his introduction, the title of CEO of a company easily clicked why he was nervous. He was most likely worried over the company reputation he carried being in ruins should this turn awry, however she did have questions the more he spoke. "Force?" She thought to herself. That was a new term, but if it applied to his slayer abilities, she would really need to learn more about it.

    Coming around to her turn, Lehanna greeted the pair with a quick bow before looking up to the two across from her. "My name is Lehanna Seraph, a mage from Silver Wolf." She had paused for a moment, feeling the few butterflies catching up to her a bit as she cleared her throat trying to refocus her thoughts fully straight. "I use Fire God Slayer magic and the sword leaned against my seat also uses some fire based properties... but other than that I'm not as diverse magically than my teammates are." As her eyes flickered between Kyran and Leona for a moment, she shot them back to the two men. She wasn't really put down by how much more valuable of people the two were in comparison, however she was still standing straight and ready to use whatever she had to get the job done. Age and experience could eventually give her the same expertise they had and that thought only meant to motivate her despite how it seemed to come out.

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    Ishgar Symposium (Group 1, Bellum) Empty Re: Ishgar Symposium (Group 1, Bellum)

    Post by Mythica 16th October 2021, 7:03 pm

    Want an interesting twist of fate...

    While her husband led the Fairy Tail guild on patrol for this treaty Mythica sat within a dimly lit meeting room. Surely she was no better a diplomat than him, at least when it came to the benefit of everyone. And that seemed to be everyone's goal today. After all, quite an impressive force was mustered for this occasion so that only went on to prove how seriously the powers of Earthland wanted the fighting to stop... Or at least that is what most perceived to be the case. Mythica on the other hand wasn't quite as sure. She just hoped her souvenir from Pergrande would do its job.

    It didn't take long until the doors to the room opened and a pair of men walked inside. Mythica knew who they were, she had known for years. With his golden hair and platinum white armor the Cardinal Leonida was nearly unmistakable. As for the magic chairmen, Mythica had done her homework before today so that Norwood served no mystery to her. Here was the source of all this commotion standing in the room... She thought it ironic.

    Mythica didn't even need to wait for the introductions to start before she had felt the familiar presence of a few people. Poor Lehanna was dragged here by none other than the Wizard Saint Leona herself? Such a shame really, though Mythica figured the results would be entertaining nonetheless. An unexpected surprise to see her little experiment trying to protect others when Mythica had proved to Lehanna in the past that she wasn't even capable of protecting herself. Still she admired her drive, and the soul merchant had more important things to focus on this day than ruining hers. Of course that always seemed to happen regardless.

    The red-head who introduced himself as Kyran on the other hand piqued Mythica's interest slightly, especially when he revealed the nature of his Demon Slayer magic. Something the Blood Wolf had the unfortunate pleasure of experiencing in the past. Still, that was not enough to deter the girl's curious mind and as she listened to him speak intently. Soon Mythica began to put the pieces together and realized this man may be linked to another curious figure she had encountered at one point in time, though Mythica would need to do a lot more research on this matter to determine the truth of it. Even still, a sinister plan began to form as she listened to Kyran talk.

    As for Leona, Mythica never had the pleasure of meeting the Wizard Saint in person, though she had heard quite a lot. She seemed every bit as stoic and noble as Mythica suspected when she asked about protection protocol, and from her list of magic Mythica knew she was certainly capable enough to back up her status. Important to note.

    "Well I'm sure you give yourself too little credit young one." A woman's voice finally sounded from the shaded corner of the conference room. A dark haired figure sat in one of the conference chairs with a friendly smile. Her appearance consisted of a black and white midi styled kimono adorned with elegant red ribbon lacing that also braided her hair in a similar fashion. What stood out about her the most however was the large black eyepatch securely fashioned over her left eye, while the other glinted with a dark red hue. "After all, why were any of us chosen for this role if not for our strengths?" The women spoke up again with a reassuring tone towards Lehanna, standing from her seat and walking into the light before politely bowing her head to the others. "There are many who call me Maven. You may do the same." She said with a cheerful smile towards the Cardinal and Chairmen. "I hail from the kingdom of Fiore, as for the arcane, I practice a variety of useful elemental enchantments that can be both defensive and offensive in nature. I am also a skilled magical marksmen." Maven finished with her usual relaxed demeanor.

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