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    Stolen Wedding ring

    Aurora Constein
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    Stolen Wedding ring  Empty Stolen Wedding ring

    Post by Aurora Constein 11th October 2021, 9:05 am

    Aurora would enter a pawn shop hearing a small chime as she enters. There were not a lot of people in the shop today poor from the looks of it. One standing near the door as she would expect the other is looking like they were browsing. She was walk up to the counter looking at down likely knowing she had eyes on her because she wasn't the usual clientele that came in here. But she's had a stoic look on her face. A call me but slightly intimidating look. She would ring the bell on the counter and wait a moment as a pleasing looking man in what can only be described as a used car salesman type I would walk out and meet her.

    "Welcome miss, haven't seen you around here before what brings you into my humble little shop oh, perhaps a necklace to fix those beautiful blue eyes." She had to admit there was a degree of charm to this gentleman. For the most part just scanned where the rings where being kept until she found the one she wanted. The stolen wedding ring. She looked up speaking with definitely authority to her voice.

    "That ring right there is stolen property, and I need it returned as soon as possible." she said in a straight-to-the-point way not wanting to waste time with this man, he was used to dealing with people like in however it didn't make her want to do it anymore.

    That Ring is one thousand Jewels and You must be mistaken. I have had that particular piece in here for quite a while. If you're not interested in buying anything I suggest so you not stay away my other customers." No sound filled the room and she stood there staring at them in silence would be for weapon right now giving him a very authoritative look as he got nervous suddenly a hand touched her shoulder gripping it.

    "Listen Here Lady now the boss told get out so-" his sentence would never finish however as her I turn bed and she raise her fist using the back of it it's the man Square in the face sending him to the floor. As she then turned around and glared at the man.

    "I don't recall giving you permission to touch me like that." She said her red aura becoming visible her expression an angry hue. As she glared at him a patron obviously under the salesman control yelled out for his buddy and lunged at her. She growled ducking out of the way of the punch and returning to him a punch to the gut sending him crumpled to the floor now.

    G get her!" The shop keeper pointed at her backing up as the two other thugs run to attack her. She quickly turned around to face them as they seemed to be coordinating there attacks now however she sigh ducking out of the way of there attack grabbing his arm and throwing him over her shoulder into the other thing sending them both to the wall. As she turned back around the ring was gone and she saw him going out the back door.

    As she went to give chase she was grabbed by a the first three as hit her square in the face. His look of confidence faded as she turned her eyes glaring but smiling at him. Before he could pull away she grabbed his wrist throwing him against the wall into the other thugs knocall three of them out. She then turned leaving the four of them to go to the alley where the backdoor lead to.

    As she rounded the corner a blast came at her as she jumped back seeing a lacrima shotgun spray on the ground in front of her as she looked down the alleyway seeing the shopkeeper pointing a shotgun at her shaking slightly as she stepped forward. Her eyes were still a crimson red as she advanced as she spoke.

    "Just give me the ring and I may forgive you for trying to send me to my end with that shotgun." She said in a strange way, it was calm but almost a mix of inviting and anger. She would get the ring from him, but took no pride in this. This man wasn't a fighter, he was a sleazy crook who prayed on tourists and stole there things to sell. She kept walking forward glaring.

    " N no stay back or I'll shoot...t this ring is mine you can't have it!" He said as he pulled the trigger again as the shotgun went off spraying magical bullets at her head. She just sighed ducking down quickly and rushing forward faster then he was expecting as she grabbed the shotgun using it to pull herself in and headbutt him with all the force she could muster. Then ripping the shotgun from his hand as he fell back tossing it aside. Standing over him now just staring him down.

    As he layer there on the ground shaking scard he quickly fumbled reaching into his pockets knocking coins to the ground as he pulls out the ring holding it up to her. "J just take it and go...I I'm sorry!" He said shaking.

    She scoffed looking down at him as she walked over putting a foot on his chest putting weight on it as she leaned down taking the ring, making sure it was the right on. It was what she needed she she returned his gaze to him. "If I hear about you selling anymore stolen goods...I will turn you and your shop to ash….YOU UNDERSTAND! She said with the force of a general as she waited.

    Y yes no more stolen goods!"
    She says terrified as she waits a moment longer before standing straight up looking down at him before turning pocketing the ring walking off to return the ring, she wasn't sure if he would stop or not, however she would make good on her word and return to check on him in the future.


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