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    It Only Takes Two! Aaaaand Maybe Some Holy Water...

    Pandora Dagger
    Pandora Dagger

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    It Only Takes Two! Aaaaand Maybe Some Holy Water... Empty It Only Takes Two! Aaaaand Maybe Some Holy Water...

    Post by Pandora Dagger 11th October 2021, 8:34 am

    Pandora frowned deeply as she stood before the guild's job board, arms crossed and head tilted ever so slightly as she tried to make sense of this peculiar request that had caught her eye. Calling it vague was the same as calling an iceberg an icecube, and aside from a where, it told her nothing more than just that. To go to the unknown lands, and to find and go through the portal hidden within a big tree. Not that hard, if it weren't for the fact that the unknown lands actually had multiple such trees; let alone the subtle way in which the client in question did not even add their name to the request, nor the reasons why they had to perform this seemingly simple stunt. Pass through the portal… portal to where exactly? What more was there to this that it wasn't included at all? Merely to "test" the taker of this quest? Quite the poor reason… very poor.

    The redhead sighed as she regarded the request yet another time, like she'd done so many times before. Even though there were many other requests and jobs listed, this one always kept drawing her attention back to it. She could leave it for another to take and not bother herself with it any longer… but did she really want to? It was intriguing... and smelt very much like a trap. She could be wrong, but in the off chance she was't, did she want any of her guildmates to get caught up in something she could've taken care of herself instead? And if she were to take on the job in question… maybe it'd be better not to try investigating this portal all by herself.

    With a deep sigh she leant back against her table, half-sitting on it in the process, and contemplated the who's and what's of this entire endeavour. Pride aside, she knew better than to drag anyone else into this thing, but she'd made the mistake of going into an unknown situation head first without an extra pair of eyes and a good pair of fists to help watch her back.

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    Coco Winters
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    It Only Takes Two! Aaaaand Maybe Some Holy Water... Empty Re: It Only Takes Two! Aaaaand Maybe Some Holy Water...

    Post by Coco Winters 11th October 2021, 4:23 pm

    Aurora what's the newest addition to the guild, and she was either going she's going to be small things around but nothing but a large-scale yet and nothing with her guild mates. Hoping everyone was fine and all but she needed to get them after experience under her belt and that would involve you getting out into the field more so she would go and approach the job board.

    Aurora approached the job board so she could get some work done, she wanted to do some work that make her get stronger in both body and mind, she didn't want to stay weak and wanted to improve upon herself. As she approached the job board she saw a higher ranking member there as well, she only knew this from hearsay of course but she did know as well she may be able to get some experience off of her and push past her limits as well. She walked over looking at the board noticing her guildmate was looking at a particular job as she looked at her.

    You taking that job? If you need help with it I can come with if that's your issue, unless something else is holding you back." She spoke bluntly looking at her crossing her arms, her stoic look as always as the large woman looked at her guildmate she smiled a grinning smile noticing that the job was above her rank and that would mean maybe a challenge to push herself forward to get to her goal. She awaited her answer though of she said there would be other opportunities. She wanted to show that she was ready for this and could be of service to even higher ranks and help them maybe even help teach them, despite being a lower rank she felt she had something she could show for. But she mainly wanted to prove herself as she looked at her companion not waviering.

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