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    Requisite Passport Pun

    Rhace Tarrin
    Rhace Tarrin

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    Requisite Passport Pun Empty Requisite Passport Pun

    Post by Rhace Tarrin 10th October 2021, 5:38 pm

    Rhace Tarrin
    To Earthland And Beyond

    By request of the guild, Rhace was to acquire his passport. It was a strange request, to be sure; there was a certain gravitas that carried the idea of travelling to other countries to perform work. However, as it had been explained to him, not only did Meliora Vitae's work carry them all over the world, the current international situation demanded that they be ready to move to other countries to act as necessary. That logic was absolutely substantial, given the border skirmishes between other nations in recent history. This alone was sufficient to inspire Rhace to follow the advice given, as he knew that there would be a need for his services soon enough. A ready blade was a lethal blade, and this was the inevitability that Rhace Tarrin knew he had to conquer.

    So the swordsman was now in queue to acquire his passport. It was going to be a very long day in this line. There were perhaps another fifteen people in line to get their passports, which-- again-- made perfect sense for people who wanted to get out of here and go somewhere else to avoid any potential fighting. Nobody really knew what was going to happen. Rhace mostly just wanted the freedom to travel and work. War, in its own quiet way, was good for him. Battle bred challenge, adversity and hardship. There would be an inevitability that should conflict of any kind arise, he would be there to meet it. Besides, there were likely more monsters to face, or more vicious foes that needed to be put down. These thoughts, and more, were what kept him occupied while he whittled away the time waiting in line for his passport. The room was loud, being full of the idle chatter of the masses that also needed to kill sufficient time waiting. Everyone was here for the same purpose. They, too, were probably as bored waiting as he was. It was just human nature to have to find something to fill idle moments of boredom.

    Eventually, though, that line dwindled. Soon enough he was at its head, organising getting his passport; photograph taken, information and documentation submitted, questions to the clerk regarding his legal status and what he planned on doing with his passport answered. These were all basic formalities that needed to be observed, and observed they were. These things we can skip over. Nobody really wants to go in depth into the boring minutiae of a conversation that was so ultimately irrelevant that it seems to be stalling for time.

    The end result was that Rhace Tarrin was the proud owner of one new passport and he was free to travel as he wished to the other nations of Earthland. How many of them would he see in his lifetime, he wondered. How many of them did he need to visit for work, or for training. All things to be asked, and eventually answered. Either way, this mission was accomplished. He could return to the Endeavour via shuttle, and make his way to whatever place that the guild deemed his services required next. Such was the joy of the wandering life.  

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