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    Something Stinky This Way Comes

    Riana Maren
    Riana Maren

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    Something Stinky This Way Comes Empty Something Stinky This Way Comes

    Post by Riana Maren 8th October 2021, 7:36 pm

    Riana Maren
    Potion-Making Assistant

    For all the work that Riana had subjected herself to in the last few weeks, this was by far the one she was the most interested in doing. In the depths of Hargeon town, there was a quaint little potion shop run by an alchemist who was probably twice her age; this man, silver haired and silver tongued, had wished for an apprentice to assist mixing some potions as a busy season was approaching him and an extra pair of hands-- especially one that was prepared to work for barely free-- was greatly appreciated. This meant that, inevitably, Riana was going to be doing the work of science, which was her greatest joy in life. Happily she would assist this potion maker in completing the task of creating some new potions with which he could see. Actually, that was not the true objective here and that was something which would be well concealed from the potion-master of this little building. Honestly, she could probably out-brew him in seconds given enough time and research.

    No, she was here to ensure that she could replicate the results of an experiment that was likely going to be lethal for her and for the people around her. Chemical weapons production in the middle of a little alchemist's shop? This was right up her alley. She was going to produce a potential sample of a noxious gas, test it, and then see if she could sell the formula to a higher bidder. Sure, it wasn't going to be much, but this funding would be going to some of her future research. That was the greatest goal she could consider. Was she taking advantage of the kindness of this man? Yes. Absolutely. However, she did not care for his thoughts and feelings. They did not matter. This was simply the task.

    So, Riana's day had been simple; for the first few hours, she had mixed basic reagents. Health potions, mana regeneration tonics, strength drinks. These were the basics. Things that would sell for the alchemist. Things that would ultimately allow him to build up his stocks and build sufficient trust in her work that he would leave her to her own devices for enough time.

    Now, a row of test tubes and beakers lay before her with a variety of liquids in different colours. Different scents reached her nose, and as she reached for the flask that would create her test concoction, she took a slow breath out. She would only get one chance at this. Just to be sure, a small piece of metal formed in her mouth - it would filter the toxin as best as it could while it spat forth noxious fumes.

    First, a yellow liquid from a skinny test tube; half of this compound would be sufficient. Then, reaching for a stoppered clear tube, she uncorked it and poured it together into the bigger flask; already, the stench was so pungent that it burned her eyes and made them water. But she knew. This was it. This was the gas that she needed. With the sudden approach of footsteps, Riana forced the conjured gadget to vanish before she was caught out.

    "Hey, is everything- oh, gods!" the alchemist said, before he turned on the exhaust fans to clear the stench. His eyes were already as bad as hers and he was at a distance; it was the sign that she'd done exactly what she needed.

    "I'm sorry, I grabbed the wrong reagent and mixed it before I realised what it was," the scientist said. A bald-faced lie, but he didn't have to know that.

    "It's okay, accidents happen. You've done rather well besides that. I think I'm just about done for the day anyway. Thank you for your help."

    With that, she was given her freedom for the day; on the way out of the building, Riana smiled to herself. She knew exactly what that gas was, how to replicate it - and how to get the rather simple materials to the highest bidder if necessary. The fact that she'd created a mildly noxious gas for the day was just a bonus. Now to cash in on it.

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