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    iHave One Of These

    Riana Maren
    Riana Maren

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    iHave One Of These Empty iHave One Of These

    Post by Riana Maren 8th October 2021, 7:31 pm

    Riana Maren

    Riana was currently experiencing an odd sense of deja vu being in line for this iLac, though she could absolutely guarantee that she had not been in this line before. Perhaps the universe was considering its own ways to amplify her boredom and ensure that she was not sufficiently stimulated while she waited in line to collect this device. Was she enjoying this? Absolutely not. It was an inane, mundane boring task to collect a device that would unfortunately be mission-critical for her work. A lacrima-powered device that had a million potential functions, from contacting others to storing calendars, and beyond? It was going to be interesting, that was for sure.

    In truth, her interest was more than just for its utility. In fact, in reality, Riana wanted nothing more than to get her hands on this device, pull it apart, study it, and see if she could replicate its functions for herself. Anything lacrima-powered was certainly an interest to her very curious mind, where she could learn about it, take it apart and tinker with it, then improve it. That was how she operated at all times, and this was no exception at all. Standing in line to achieve that goal was something that she was willing to endure in the name of progress. That being said, she did not have to like the fact that she was stuck in a line with dozens of other loud, boorish, obnoxious people talking loudly and generally being irritating to her.

    Was it a surprise to anyone here that she had a book in hand, reading while she was waiting in line? Of course not. Everyone else here was absolutely irritating and she needed something to drown out the malaise of having to be surrounded by simpletons. Instead, she was studying something about the flow of electrons through metal to ensure that her basic physics was up to scratch. Yeah. Huge nerd.

    Eventually, the sounds of humanity died down, as the queue shortened; the closer Riana got to the front of the line, the quieter things got. Once she finally got to the front of the line, she barely kept her eyes off her text as she was addressed by the man at the counter. A younger kid, likely barely twenty, was very confused by the red-haired woman who seemed to be more interested in the book that she was reading rather than actually collecting her device.

    “So what colour would you like?” he asked, nervously. “We have-”

    ”Purple.” Her voice, commanding, was more than happy to interrupt the young man before he started his list. There was no need for him to waste his breath reading off a list of things that she already knew.

    “One moment,” he said, disappearing into the back. Needless to say, this young man’s presence was absolutely unnecessary.

    Once he returned, he came with a sleek black box; minimalist packaging, a simple device inside of it. This was what she came for, yes. Riana finally had her hands on the iLac. Once she returned to her residence she could take all the time she needed studying the lacrima and the device around it. It would at least be an illuminating experience, unlike this tedium.

    With it in her hands, she turned and left wordlessly. It was an unnecessary function, unlike this device. At least the iLac would be interesting, unlike the rest of these fools.

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