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    How does one take flight in a cave?

    Caelestis Icarus Zephyr
    Caelestis Icarus Zephyr

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    How does one take flight in a cave? Empty How does one take flight in a cave?

    Post by Caelestis Icarus Zephyr Thu 30 Sep - 20:43

    It had been months since he’d been granted a magic by none other than the sky dragon themself, and Caelestis still didn’t understand why. What was it about him specifically that had made the dragon want to teach him this amazing secret? He wasn’t complaining about it, of course. Knowledge was a wondrous thing, and his newfound magic was a secret only a few other people in this world knew. Only other slayers could ever really hope to understand the magic they all shared, albeit with different elements each. It was entirely fascinating to think about.

    Several times, he had debated heading back to that mountain top temple where he’d first encountered the dragon, to ask why. Why had he been chosen, in this fragile young body of his. The only reason he’d been able to defend himself thus far was this magic, without it any of the jobs he’d been on would doubtless have wound up with him dead or severely wounded. Maybe not the zoo, since Goethe had been there, but definitely that letter thing in that creepy abandoned cabin. Those zombies were pretty gross. He shuddered to think of them again, the smell was utterly disgusting.

    Even if he didn’t quite understand why, he was grateful for the gift. It had definitely served him well since he’d obtained the magic, and nothing felt quite as satisfying as utterly blowing an opponent away, or teasing people with little unexplained gusts of wind. It had it’s uses, and it was all his, a fact that probably shouldn’t have made him as proud as it did. Even though he was completely normal, a treasure hunter who hadn’t even had magic to begin with, he now held the secret to a great power. And if that wasn’t utterly satisfying, nothing else would be. After all, something like dragon slayers were worth their weight in gold most of the time.

    And now, standing at the entrance to this weird cave, he was even more grateful to have a strong magic to use against whatever might be inside. He’d received a tip that there might be something rare and awesome inside this cave, and whether it be a book or artifact of some kind, the temptation had been too great to resist. Anything to hoard into his personal collection was something he would take, no matter how much danger he might be putting himself in to obtain it. With some amusement, he realized he almost sounded like a dragon himself. Hoarding knowledge and treasure, was it? Not a particularly bad thing.

    Stepping further into the cave didn’t seem to reveal much of note. Not even any creepy bones to serve as a warning, as he’d come to expect from places like this. In fact, the whole thing seemed almost too empty, as he pushed forwards. Trying to avoid the slimy walls, he quickly found the cave narrowing to a thin corridor, not much wider than one person. He was suddenly grateful that he was so small, a bigger person might feel quite claustrophobic in a place like this. He didn’t feel remotely such, he even had room on either side of him to avoid touching the walls!

    Hopefully that meant he wouldn’t have to touch slime at all today, but he wasn’t holding his breath. Who knew what lurked in these caves, after all? Maybe he’d have to fight some kind of giant slime monster. Gross, especially given they were underground. It’s not like he’d have many places to go inside to avoid slime if there was a fight to be had here.

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    How does one take flight in a cave? Al9ulBh
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