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    Reforging Bonds ● Syn, Spirit


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    Reforging Bonds ● Syn, Spirit Empty Reforging Bonds ● Syn, Spirit

    Post by Syndrome 29th September 2021, 7:29 pm

    Today Syn had decided to do more than hang Ruby's old cloak up on a shelf. Of course, she used its magical powers for the most dangerous of missions, but otherwise the article of clothing was mostly left to be a trophy of sentimentality. However, her old mentor was not dead. At least, the young mage hoped that was the case. In the past she had avoided pursuing this fact because Wish, whose spirit she was bonded to through sworn oath, would have their entire existence undermined if Ruby was still living.

    For that reason she had not involved Wish in today's activities so far. Syn was simply putting up posters for a series of Help Wanted advertisements, finally going the extra step as to post them herself in person. Previously, she had sent out a wide variety of adverts both online and through magical communities and networks. They had gone out to different guilds, and so on and so forth. The description was altogether rather vague and the reward, unspecified for now. For those reasons, Syn guessed that it wasn't a very appealing job to most mages. Unfortunately, she had neither the means nor desire to promise a bounty that she could not provide.

    The young woman finished plastering the flyers around and wiped her brow. While it wasn't hard work, it was certainly tedious, going from city to city around Fiore. Luckily she was a mage herself and had plenty of ways to instantaneously travel. Using those, however, did tend to take its toll on one's core.

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    Reforging Bonds ● Syn, Spirit Empty Re: Reforging Bonds ● Syn, Spirit

    Post by Magicite 29th September 2021, 9:48 pm

    An adventure is a thrilling encounter or endeavor that is usually daring and occasionally dangerous. Combating monsters, exploring, guild quests, and fighting dark guilds are examples of activities that can be dangerous. As he strolled through town, Silver pondered this. “Either life is a courageous adventure, or it is nothing.” He came upon a strange help wanted advertisement placed on a wall while thinking about how he'd like a new adventure. To be honest, it was weak in information, but he decided it was the perfect opportunity to embark on a new adventure while Emerald was out hunting for food.

    Spirit would approach the young woman at the meeting location specified in the advertising. She appeared to be younger than him, but she exuded a sense of authority. He would examine her, concentrating on his magical sensory ability. His capacity to feel was superior to others due to his ancestors. He'd not only determine if she was a wizard, but also if her magic was good or evil, as well as the elements and overall nature of her magic.

    “Hello, my name is Spirit. “Are you the one seeking assistance?”

    He'd pass over the help wanted ad after introducing himself and see whether she was interested in him. If she accepts him, it will be the first task he has done without Emerald's assistance. Even his guiding spirit had gone silent recently so he could learn to accomplish things on his own. He might possibly get that chance, depending on what she had planned.

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