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    Stygian Energy Manipulation WIP


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    Stygian Energy Manipulation WIP Empty Stygian Energy Manipulation WIP

    Post by Aoi 20th September 2021, 10:35 am


    Stygian Energy Manipulation WIP DHeFTzo

    Magic Name: Stygian Energy Manipulation
    Magic Type: Combat Arts
    Description: Stygian Energy Manipulation is a more complex version of a very simple form of a magic. Energy is known to be the basic influence of everything in life and as it comes to magic, those who can use it have the innate ability to use the energy and use it to the tune of specific elements or themes. Basic energy manipulation sinks through the discrepancies of elements and lifeforms to attack directly to the energy that fuels them. Having taken time throughout his life, Alexander had no real idea the depths of his own magic until his life had been placed on the line. Sometimes he refers to it as instinct or to raw luck, but his newly gained understandings and teachings had pushed the limits and transformed his simply tricks of something akin to telekinetic abilities into something more dangerous, volatile, but loved and treasured.

    What this magic truly does is takes the fundamentals of magics to the raw core of using and manipulating the energy around themselves and others. Be it they form a weapon to swing or a ball of energy akin to a fireball to launch at an enemy, this magic is the pinnacle of make magics with enhanced mechanics attached to them. There's next to no limits to what this magic is capable of with the only exception being the ability to consume spells like a slayer to replenish themselves.

    Unique Abilities:

    • Overflowing Energy: The user energy retains itself within the casters body, constantly flowing in an endless cycle. Due to this strange phenomenon, the user gains 40%/moderate damage reduction. (moderate = plot related)
    • Change in Motion: The casters energy begins to feel more concentrated, allowing their body to "reflect" a portion of the incoming damage they would take. This in essence grants
    • Hyper Regeneration: This occurs once the users body is able to fully channel infinite bounds of energy without the need of any real focus. They are able to rapidly heal open wounds, through-and-through's, and has an increased HP regen of 5% per every other post.




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