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    Bar Shenanigans


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    Bar Shenanigans  Empty Bar Shenanigans

    Post by Rela 13th September 2021, 6:14 pm

    Don't yuck someone's yum
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    Rela hated inns.
    They were too warm and comfortable, and…bright. Too much lighting and not enough shadows, in her opinion. A harsh contrast to her normal conditions of cold and dimly lit bars, and even less comfortable bedding. Seated in the far corner, Rela relished two things – the refreshing taste of her wine and the quiet, both rarities she rather liked. Despite her misgivings, she was not above admitting to being served decent alcohol. The bars she frequented to often served stale and unsatisfactory beverages, but they were enough to take away the weight of the day.
    A crash brought her attention to the middle of the room. She watched as two men swung punches at each other before tumbling over a table and continued their dispute wrestling on the floor. The site was amusing, and certainly promising an entertaining show, but an inn was no bar, and someone would soon come and break up the fight. With a disdainful sigh, Rela finished the last of her wine and got up and made her way to the bar. One more before bed, she decided.
    It was only an inn. What could possibly happen?

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