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    Job Creation Contest


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    Job Creation Contest Empty Job Creation Contest

    Post by Nero 13th September 2021, 9:47 am

    Job Creation Contest 0FuuY2Z
    Hello everyone and welcome to this newest contest!

    This time, we are turning to the community with a problem that some have already talked about: The lack of jobs for higher ranks, i.e. 10 year and 100 year Jobs, particularly when it comes to Dark Jobs of these same categories. This is why we would like to ask members of the community to let their creativity run wild and submit ideas for new jobs or job series / questlines to bolster the number of options in those aforementioned categories in this contest.

    Thank you for participating and best of luck to all contestants!

    Rules & Conditions

    • Participants must use the template provided below to submit finished job proposals. Submit your finished jobs to this contest thread.
    • The submitted job must be a 10 year or 100 year job (preferably belonging to the "Dark" category). Character Jobs or Guild-exclusive types of Jobs may not be submitted.
    • All players can submit as many jobs as they wish, but only one submission may earn a contest reward
    • All submitted jobs will be considered for addition to our current roster of pre-made jobs. Jobs that are split into multiple parts or quest lines must be submitted in full to be considered for either contest rewards or addition to our current roster of jobs.
    • After the submission period is over, players of the site will be able to determine winners from among their favorite job submissions via vote. Details about the vote will follow in the voting thread.
    • Please remember to stick to our rules concerning the in-game world of Ishgar and official site lore. Details can be found here
    • After this contest is over, the creation of pre-made jobs per the job registration thread will be reopened for players.


    • 1st Place: 50 CC
    • 2nd Place: 25 CC
    • 3rd Place: 250,000 Jewels


    24th of October 2021, 2pm EST



    [color=lightsteelblue][b]Job Title:[/b][/color] (Insert your Job Title here)
    [color=lightsteelblue][b]Alignment:[/b][/color] (The alignment of your job, i.e. Good, Neutral, or Dark. If at all compatible with your creativity and ideas, please focus on "Dark" jobs for this contest)
    [color=lightsteelblue][b]Rank:[/b][/color] (Specify the rank of this job. For this contest, the rank of job that can be submitted is limited to 10y or 100y only)
    [color=lightsteelblue][b]Job Type:[/b][/color] (Specify the Job Type here. For Job Types that can be created by Players, please see [url=https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t33677-job-rules#jobtypes]this[/url] section of the Job Rules)
    [color=lightsteelblue][b]Job Location:[/b][/color] (The forum board the job takes place in. Please remember that guild forums cannot be used as locations for pre-made jobs and that jobs in nations other than Fiore automatically classify your job as an "International Job")
    [color=lightsteelblue][b]Solo Word Count:[/b][/color] (How many words does this job take to complete solo? Refer to Tables and FAQ's for values)
    [color=lightsteelblue][b]Group Word Count:[/b][/color] (How many words does this job take to complete in a group? Refer to Tables and FAQ's for values)
    [color=lightsteelblue][b]Additional Requirements:[/b][/color] (This is where you detail what parameters the participant(s) must meet to be eligible to perform this mission beyond standard parameters. This is also where the links to prerequisite jobs in a series [u]must[/u] be placed. If you want to make a series, the whole, finished series must be submitted at the same time!)
    [color=lightsteelblue][b]Job Description:[/b][/color] (This is where you lay out the basics of what the job is about, and roughly what key elements should happen in the job. Please try not to name NPCs or control how player characters act/what they do/how they feel/how they think in the prompts so that each job can feel unique. This cuts down on continuity issues and lore issues when player characters meet each other. Also, keep in mind that once you submit a job and it is approved, it now belongs to the site and will be edited as needed by staff. You will be credited for the creation of the job in question)
    [color=lightsteelblue][b]Enemies:[/b][/color] There can be [i]Weak[/i], [i]Normal[/i], [i]Strong[/i], and [i]Boss[/i] types monsters/enemies on jobs. Please note that you do not have to provide enemies in your job or can provide as many options as you like. If you do have enemies, note that you do not have to have every enemy type present in the job. You can be as detailed or as vague about enemies as you like and even create spells for your pre-made enemies to use, but make sure to note what is and isn't up to the individual player to modify as they roleplay out the job scenario. [i]Note that the inclusion of all stats is optional[/i])

    [spoiler="Enemy Template"]
    [b][i]Enemy Rank[/i]:[/b] (Weak, Normal, Strong, Boss)
    [b][i]Enemy HP[/i]:[/b] (The HP the enemy in question possesses)
    [b][i]Enemy MP[/i]:[/b] (The MP the enemy in question possesses. May be relevant if the enemy comes with spells they can use)
    [b][i]Enemy Melee Damage[/i]:[/b] (The Melee Damage the enemy deals with a single melee hit)
    [b][i]Enemy Movement Speed[/i]:[/b] (The enemy's natural movement speed in meters per second)

    [b][i]Enemy Spells[/i]:[/b] (Optional. This is where you may add spells to your pre-made enemies for them to use)

    [color=lightsteelblue][b]Reward:[/b][/color] (This is where you detail what each participant will receive for successfully completing this job. Please refer to the Tables and FAQ for the acceptable range of rewards. Rewards are strictly limited to [u]either[/u] Jewels or a rank-appropriate piece of custom Equipment corresponding to the rank of the job. Plot rewards are acceptable, as long as they are classified as such. This is also where the link to the next job in a job series or questline will need to be placed. [i]Note: Please do not place EXP rewards here, as those are universally calculated based on job rank according to the Tables and FAQ section and applicable bonuses upon job turn-in[/i])

      Current date/time is 17th September 2021, 3:54 am