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    Getting Started Empty Getting Started

    Post by Katsumi 9th September 2021, 8:17 pm

    Katsumi sat behind the old creaky desk. Piles of papers stood tall all around her. Dust hung heavy in the air. It seemed like one good gust of wind would knock the whole place over. She sighed heavily. This wasn't exactly what she'd had in mind when she had quit the Rune Knights. Perhaps she'd been a little optimistic or naïve.

    The swordswoman stood up slowly. The desk creaked ominously. The chair nearly fell apart. Raven hair covered Katsumi's face as she hung her head. Why had she done this again? Oh right, the Magic Council had kept a close eye on her in the Rune Knights. An unfortunate side effect of being related to the creator of the Death Games, Kayaba Akahoshi. Their scrutiny and the rules of the Rune Knights had suffocated Katsumi.

    Careful steps took Katsumi around the desk. A practice dummy lay propped in the corner. The only thing in the room that appeared to be in good repair, other than the nicks. Katsumi picked up the sword leaning against the wall next to it. As the blade appeared in her hand, she started going through Kata. One stroke flowed into the next. Faster, faster, until it all blurred together. Her mind focused. The errant thoughts fell away as if sliced by her blade.

    Sweat poured down Katsumi's forehead when she finished. A large smile curved her lips, however. She'd made the right decision. Her uncle had to have connections, if not in the Magic Council, then nearby their power level. It was the only way to explain how he'd hidden his games. Under the watchful eye of the MC, Katsumi could never investigate the case properly. The only unfortunate part to the decision was she had to start building a customer base. Only once that was established could she upgrade this place, allowing greater access to the areas she needed.

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