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    ≽ iLac some devices ≼ Empty ≽ iLac some devices ≼

    Post by Faulkner Fri 3 Sep 2021 - 0:17

    ≽ iLac some devices ≼ TkxtyVZ
    Guns and Songs and Arcane Magics

    It was only a little bit after Desirée had invited the siblings from Stella to the guild that they figured they’d need a certain something. Their safety was finally secured. They could freely walk around like it was no one’s business anymore. What was this certain something that they were freely walking around to get? Nothing more than simple iLacs! The siblings had spotted an ad about free iLacs being given away in the Neutral Grounds. They were excited now. This could help them communicate if they weren’t near one another. It would save Mysie the trouble of using their telepathy abilities even though they personally couldn’t use it. They basically were a third party that heard the gossip when it came to their sisters.

    They were actually not walking. They were more riding along in a carriage to the Neutral Grounds as the siblings honestly had no clue where they were to begin with. It was new territory for them still. They’d learn the country in due time. They recently got a map, so it should be fine, possibly. The carriage ride was honestly rather smooth as the siblings sat in it. Mysie was leaning against Jamie while Blair was in her own spot and laying across the whole bench.

    “I think the first thing I’m going to do when I get my iLac, is check on my vinyls conditions~” The middle sister squeals with excitement. She looks over to her siblings as Jamie rolls her eyes and Mysie signs to her. “You’re right My! I’ll take a picture of us first! The picture quality should be great!” She giggles as she smiles, pointing a finger to her younger sibling.

    Jamie looks out the window as the two were talking, Mysie singing in Stellan Sign Language while Blair physically talked. They were getting closer to the little city now. As soon as the carriage went over a certain dip in the road, the siblings instantly felt something was off. They were silent as they looked at one another.

    “Did we just-”

    “Yes. I guess Neutral Grounds… makes it so magics don’t work. Neutral.” Jamie softly snorts as Mysie sits up now. Blair stayed sprawled across the seat. “I suppose we’re almost to the factory.” The three looked out the window as they spotted a big building, making them speculate that it was the factory that they were looking for. It didn’t take too terribly long for the carriage to come to a stop just in front of the very building that they were taking wild guesses of it being the one they wanted.

    As soon as they stepped off of the carriage, they were greeted by a well dressed man. “I suppose you fine young ladies are here looking for an iLac… or three?”

    Jamie smiles softly as she put her hands on her siblings shoulders. “Yes, one each please.” Her eyes went to the side to see some boxes stacked up. “Oh? You have grey.”

    “Yes! We have any color that you could possibly think of. What colors would you like?”

    “A two tone grey to pink, a blue, and a green.” Jamie says as the man nods. He quickly went to the boxes before he disappeared in them for a moment. A minute later, he was back with three boxes.

    “I can help you young ladies set it up if you wish?”


    And after that, the three had their iLacs set up and ready for them to use and give our their own numbers with.

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