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    Exhibition Empty Exhibition

    Post by Believer 27th August 2021, 11:55 am

    Tad had arrived for the exhibition that Smith was putting on. Smith, a blacksmith by trade, had suffered a couple thefts recently, though one had been thwarted by Tad, and because of that he was a bit short on cash. He needed to drum up some more business to support himself and he intended to auction off some items at the end of the exhibit which would also help provide him with the money he needed. Tad had been invited to help with security, just to make sure no one got out of hand or tried anything fishy. There was another mage, Hace, who was also there for the same reasons. The fact that Smith was able to imbue his work with magical abilities, while not terribly unique, also meant that many of his guests were mages.

    "Amigo, glad to meet you." Hace stuck his hand out to shake Tad's hand after Smith had introduced them. Tad grabbed Hace's hand and shook it, sizing up the other mage. Hace stood about 5'6", considerably shorter than Tad, but likely a similar weight to Tad's own. The two men seemed to be sizing each other up, but not in an unfriendly way.

    After Tad reclaimed his hand, "Yes, I hope we can work well together." Tad didn't seem too impressed with Hace, though he could admit that the shorter man had a arrogant charm to him that made Tad want to get to know him a little better. He definitely had a rugged look, but Tad wasn't uninterested. The gruff guys can be very romantic after all. But a job was a job and Tad wasn't going to mix business with pleasure... But a little pleasure when business is over, totally fine! Smith smiled and handed both men something akin to an ear plug.

    "These'll let you two converse with one another without being next to each other. Check the place out, I have some things to do." The two men put the ear plugs in before both nodding to one another and walking away. Tad began moving away from each other until he and Hace were on opposite sides of the field. The field was about fifteen feet by fifteen feet, nothing but dust and dirt. There was a wooden pole in the middle, likely to act as a target for weapon usage.

    "Testing, hear me now?" Hace asked through the ear piece, motioning with his hand to his ear in case Tad couldn't hear him.

    "I hear you, buddy." Tad responded, still looking around to see how the to best ensure everyone and, more importantly, that Smith's equipment and merchandise stayed safe. "So what kind of mage are you anyhow?" The youngest Windrift asked, figuring knowing his partner's magic and fighting style could come in handy if things got sticky.

    "The strong kind, you?" Hace answered, shooting a grin at the other mage.

    "Lightning mage," Tad answered, not sounding amused. Is this guy flirting with me?


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